Sunday, February 26, 2012

Almost-wordless weekend

On Friday night I made strawberry bread. It was just okay...nothing to write home about.

WTF, February? Not that I'm complaining.

Nico rarely plays with his train set at home, but he played with the Thomas setup at Barnes & Noble for about 45 minutes.
Perhaps they're more fun because they cost twenty bucks a pop?

The kid woke up Sunday morning with a completely unexplained black eye.

It was forecast to get up to 60 degrees outside and we had a pair of free zoo passes, so we went. For $2 Nico was given a huge bundle of green leaf lettuce to feed to the giraffes. He was pretty nervous, but it was still fun.

looking at a squirrel monkey

squirrel monkey looking back

toddler in a jaguar trap

apparently this is how he smiles for photos now

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  1. Toddler in a Jaguar Trap slays me. Your weekend looks pretty fantastic.