Saturday, February 11, 2012

Are you serious?

A while back Temerity Jane posted about how much rude people suck, especially people who are rude because they know the rest of us are too politeness-conditioned to do anything about it. I've been reminded of this post a lot lately thanks to the rude-ass people who seem to be all around me. Okay, maybe that's an exaggeration. But there's a major intersection that I almost always go through when I'm running errands that's under construction. When you're heading toward it, it's pretty obvious by the huge single-file line of cars driven by people with a little common courtesy that the road is narrowing to one lane. Every time, a half-dozen assholes zip past everyone who is patiently waiting and expect to be let in at the front of the line. Even worse, I have seen multiple drivers actually pull out of line, drive around everyone else, and cut in front. And here's what kills me…every time, people let them in! Why? Why do we do this? Can we not pledge as a rule-following society that from now on we're going to squish our cars really tightly together and make the line-jumpers wait their goddamn turns? I know I should rise above it and not let it bother me and rely on karma to get them later, but I always find myself getting more and more pissed off until I'm practically hopping up and down in my car, shouting "Don't let them in! Why are you letting them in? STOP LETTING THEM IN!"

Similar but possibly even more blatantly rude: I was at the fabric store tonight buying supplies for baby gifts. There was a wait, so I was standing there with my armful of flannel, checking Twitter on my phone. A guy came up behind me and said, "Excuse me," and I moved over to let him pass, figuring he just wanted to get to the exit, which can only be accessed through the checkout area. But NO. This brash motherfucker actually walked right up to the next checker like he didn't just completely cut in front of me and put a handful of stuff on the counter. I didn't realize this was an option! Why have I been waiting in lines my whole life? I kept trying to come up with something suitably snarky to say, but never came up with anything. I finally decided that he may have got to go first, but when tomorrow comes I'll have my fabric and he'll still be an asswipe.

Reading:  The Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan

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  1. don't even get me started. just think about the lady i had yesterday who ignored the queue system to stand right behind the lady buying about 40 things that had to be hand keyed while my back-up cashier checked out about 6 other people from the line.

  2. clara7:11 PM

    We had to return one of my Christmas gifts and we happened to have babysitting on boxing day so we went to a big store on boxing day (do you have boxing day in America? Think black friday but with lots of gift returns) and the line started *here* and these guys came in over *there* and my mild-mannered husband went "Oh, is THAT the line? Because I thought THIS was the line. Because I followed the sign to HERE and I thought THIS was the line." by the time he got his breath for the next paragraph the guys had apologized and stood behind us. It took a lot out of poor SA, who is as conflict-averse as they come, but I was proud of him.

    Sometimes I hate people. Especially the ones you describe. It's a good thing I don't drive more than I do, or I'd be in jail / hospital for road rage / exploding brain by now.