Monday, May 07, 2012

Hair, other stuff

The only problem with my new hair - which I still love - is that there is absolutely no dignified way to wear it for the gym. First I tried the ever-classy Pebbles ponytail:
IMG 4070
Then I had the top cut a little shorter and tried two little ponytails and one of those stretchy headbands that I've seen sporty girls wearing:

IMG 4222
The first night I wore this one, I came home and MB looked straight at me and said, "What is wrong with your hair? It looks ridiculous." He was not wrong.

Now I've got it a little shorter yet and just use the stretchy headband, which leaves me with sort of a sunburst array of hair sticking straight up from my Tyra Banks fivehead by the end of class. I'm so sexy you cannot even stand it.



Other things we've been up to…we swankified the tadpole tank with a plant and some gravel:

Swanky tank
The tadpole doesn't seem to care either way, but it's supposed to keep me from having to feed him (since he can nibble on the plant and eat algae from between the rocks. The night I put the gravel in, I started adding it while he was still in the tank, but MB told me I should scoop him out before I gave him a heart attack. I scooped the tadpole into a plastic cup and set it on the buffet, and once the gravel was all in I left it up there for a while to let the sediment settle. It was right behind my head while I was working on the computer, and I completely forgot it was there for about half an hour, then it flipped around loudly in the cup and scared the bejesus out of me. I guess that was its revenge for dumping gravel into its house and stuffing it into a party cup.

I took Nico to the farm supply store to get plants for the garden and we took a few minutes to visit the baby chickens.

Black chickens
"Black chickens! We gonna buy one!" (Spoiler alert: we did not buy one.)

Composter 4
I built a compost bin!

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  1. OH! I have the same problem with my hair now. I got a blunt bob (I think that's what it's called - it's a bob that short in back and gradually gets longer toward the front). So I can't put it up in a ponytail and those headbands don't stay on my head. And I cannot stand getting hair in my face when I'm working out and hot and sweaty and full of anger. Ugh.

    I've always wanted a compost pile. Maybe I'll have to make one this summer.