Thursday, July 12, 2012

What I was doing instead of posting

What I was doing instead of posting

1. Cooking in a record heat wave (which thankfully broke before this week's work summer camp).

Heat wave
2. Taking Nico to his first 4th of July fireworks show. He had a good time running around outside but was not a fan of the actual fireworks. Oddly, it seemed to be the flashes and not the sound that bothered him. He spent the whole show with his hands firmly over his eyes. He didn't cry, though!

3. Baking banana bread with Nico. It took twice as long as it would to do it by myself, but he was so proud to be helping.

IMG 5393
4. Growing gigantor squash plants

20120709 garden 005
5. Witnessing transformation of tiny tadpole into the tiniest, cutest, squee-inducingest frog of all time

IMG 5511
6. Writing seven pages of fiction that I may eventually be brave enough to post here. Hooray!

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