Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Blue Jean Baby

Blue Jean Baby

Nico shot up over the summer while he was in shorts. I knew he was growing, but I didn't notice quite how much. He's now as tall or taller than all his playmates, who range from a few months older to nearly a year older than he is, and some of those kids chart tall for their ages. I'm interested to see where he charts at his next well child visit. Anyway, when I got out his fall clothes I discovered that the 2T pants he wasn't quite big enough for at the end of the winter are now too short. Luckily, we have been the recipients of a lot of hand-me-downs, so I had a big tub of 3T clothes waiting in the closet. I prefer to dress Nico in clothes that are basically miniature versions of adult clothes. He hasn't worn a onesie since he turned one, and I only put him in floppy sweatpants if he needs something to sleep or nap in and pjs aren't handy. So ever since he had jeans that fit, he's been in jeans and little T-shirts. This season, though, none of the jeans we have fit him. I think the problem is that he's 3T-tall but still has a 2-year-old Buddha belly. I don't know if we got our hand-me-downs from exceptionally skinny kids or if kids are expected to be skinny by age three (or both), but Nico can't fit into any of the super cute jeans in his bin. Luckily, he has quite a few pairs of nice lined pants with pockets that look almost jeans-like and some REALLY cute structured cargo pants that I have already fallen in love with and want to put on him every day. Maybe we will survive our jeans-free season without resorting to sweatpants after all.

I am having similar wardrobe problems myself these days. I can still comfortably fit into the jeans I bought post-Nico which had gotten too big right before I got pregnant, and I have a pair of long khaki-colored pants and a pair of khaki-colored capri-length pants with yoga-pants type waistbands that I can wear for work when needed. Other than that, I've been making do with creative application of bella bands and long shirts while I'm still not big enough for full stretchy-panel maternity pants. Last pregnancy I made it through with several really cute under-belly style pairs of jeans and corduroys that my awesome friend Rachel sent me, but this time I'm finding my belly region isn't quite as firm as it was for round one. Oh, cruel gravity / time / deflation! Maybe those pants plus a bella band? We'll see. In the meantime, I'm just trying my best to look pregnant rather than full of burritos and not dress like a fashion victim.

I did finally get an official bump photo for this one's baby book other blog where I post schmoopy letters since I know better than to think I'd keep up with a baby book. The trilobite and transport at 16 weeks, 5 days:

I'm 18 weeks now and just last night officially decided that rumpus I was feeling while lying flat in bed was the baby and not digestion. With Nico I had an anterior placenta and had to wait until 22 weeks to feel anything and then it was just the slightest of nudges for quite some time. Hooray for evidence of continued habitation! So far the kid has been such a model tenant that I forget he or she is there sometimes. No loud parties, no trash on the lawn, no late night guests. I might owe a security deposit back when all this is over.

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  1. For a second pregnancy, you're looking good at 16 weeks. I was that big at about 6 weeks for my 2nd baby.