Tuesday, September 11, 2012



Things I Hate

1. I'm so incredibly bummed out that FX isn't offering a season pass for Sons of Anarchy on iTunes like so many other shows do for non-cable-having folks. Seriously, I WANT TO GIVE YOU MY MONEY. Please take my money. I just want my slightly dirty criminally-inclined hot biker fix, is that so much to ask?

2. People who wait through an entire red light before putting on their left turn signal. If you coast up to a red light and stop without putting on your signal, I'm going to guess that you're planning to keep going straight after the light turns green and I'm going to coast up behind you. If you signal left, I'll change lanes so I can be on my way. When you wait until the light turns green, then slowly roll forward six inches and turn on your signal, it honestly makes me want to punch you in the face. Generic "you," of course, since I'm sure no one I actually talk to does this…right?

3. When companies send emails with big exciting Huge Special Exclusive Awesome Sale! subject lines that turn out to be advertising 10 or 15% off. Sorry, retailers, I'm not going to run straight out to spend money after being inspired by your amazing 10% off offer.

Things I Love

1. The Ben & Jerry's 3.6 ounce single-serving cups. Every time I buy a pint, I end up absent-mindedly eating way more than my allotted fourth of the carton and not noticing until I feel slightly sick. I just wish our grocery carried more flavors in the tiny size, though I'm immensely pleased that I can get Cherry Garcia and Chocolate Fudge Brownie. Add Phish Food and I'm set for life.

2. The fact that I left a plate with a hot tuna and cheese sandwich on the arm of the couch and went to get Nico a cup of milk and came back to an intact sandwich. Indy did not steal it off the plate or even lick it while I left it unattended, even though he'll materialize at my feet begging the instant I open a can of tuna. Gold star, pooch!

3. My kid is becoming such a little person these days. There are still, thank goodness, moments and flashes of baby, but he's also this interesting, funny, chatty person and it blows my mind. And he shot up so much over the summer that his 2T jeans are high waters and all of a sudden his shoes got too small. So this week he's in 3T pants and size 9 shoes and he just looks so big. So big. It's not helping that I put him on a preschool waiting list for January this afternoon just in case we decide he's ready for some kind of big boy activity to keep him busy and feeling special while I'm occupied with the impending interloper.

4. This made me laugh so hard, mostly because you just know he got back up and did it again:

From Animals Being Dicks, of course.

Reading:  Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green and David Levithan

Playing:  Nico's mix, mostly. He's very demanding persuasive.


  1. i wasn't expecting to laugh out loud at that, but i did! thanks!

    also, very curious about what Nico persuades you to put on the playlist. kids have such eclectic-yet-repetitive taste in music.

    we are considering starting SOA, but worried that we will spend every waking moment at home watching it. sounds like you just confirmed that for me.

  2. Well, thank YOU! :)

    Sons of Anarchy is REALLY good. It's really well-written and almost shockingly well-acted. But it's not for everyone, just because of the violence level and complete lack of any 100% good guys. It's a very gray show, but I really love it.

    And, because you asked, Nico's playlist (with YouTube links)…you pretty much nailed it with "eclectic-yet-repetitive."
    ELM from Cowboy Bebop
    The Egg and I from Cowboy Bebop
    Change of Seasons - Sweet Thing
    Prickly Thorn, But Sweetly Worn - the White Stripes
    Send Me on My Way - Rusted Root
    Memphis - Marcy Playground
    Murderers - John Frusciante
    Home - Phillip Phillips