Thursday, November 15, 2012



Holy cow, November is half over…and so is NaBloPoMo. So far so good, though admittedly nothing momentous has been written. Around this time last year, Jennie over at She Likes Purple posted a Christmas To Do List for herself. I loved that idea and planned to do one for myself this year. Now seems like a good time since some of my items need to be handled by the first week or two of December. And so, my Christmas / December To Do List, which will probably be expanded upon in weeks to come. Keep me accountable, little blog!

1. Set up Christmas photo session

2. Obtain Christmas photo shirt for Nico and try not to be horrified at the price of little boys' dressy clothes Done, though I was scandalized by the pre-sale, pre-coupon price tag.

3. Obtain or make some kind of Christmas photo prop for Indy so he can be included on the Christmas card

4. Set date for Thanksmas party

5. Make Nico's wish list for family kid gift exchange

6. Look around for patterns for Thanksmas exchange ornaments, obtain supplies, make ornaments

7. Set up Advent calendar with Nico

8. Send in Nico's preschool enrollment form and deposit, attempt to find tiny school backpack that doesn't cost a frillion dollars

9. Lean on contractor to get old downspouts sealed before holiday parties start, in the hopes that will take care of the super gross sewer-y smell we keep getting in the bathroom and front closet

10. Work with awesome graphic designer friend to get Nico's birthday invitations made

11. Count up Christmas card recipient list. Buy stamps.

12. Order photo cards and prints of favorite photo from Christmas photo session on or before December 14. (coupons must be used by then) Leaving myself a breadcrumb for next year, when I'm sure I'll look at this list for reminders: order 4x8 cards next year or use different vendor.

13. Make date with MB to see The Hobbit

14. Sign Nico up for next session of swimming lessons and buy a small reusable wet bag for his towel and trunks

15. Obtain birthday / Christmas wish list from MB and purchase gifts.

16. Set budget for family gifts and order / purchase Christmas gifts for parents and siblings.

17. Purchase gift for our family exchange kid

18. Find a Christmas charity to participate in / donate to

19. Take Nico to see the "enchanted forest" Christmas tree setup at Menard's

20. Take Nico to the local Christmas light display at the park

21. Set up cookie decorating party (or parties) with Nico's toddler buddies

22. Assemble holiday treat bags for toddler buddies

23. Decide on list of Christmas cookies to bake this year and then actually bake them - chocolate with mint chips, regular with mint chips, peppermint meltaways, skillet cookies?

24. Put together photo book of Nico's year and watch for free photo book codes in email

25. Mail Christmas cards AT LEAST one full week before Christmas. This was a big fail last year.

26. Mail Nico's birthday invitations immediately after Christmas

27. Make New Year's Eve plans?

28. Start preparing the baby's room!


  1. This might have made me hyperventilate a little.

  2. Whew! You are super organized!