Thursday, November 08, 2012

Officer, I can explain

Officer, I can explain

Over the course of my current job and the past one, I have carried some odd things in my car. I often wonder what I would say if a cop pulled me over and then wanted to know why I had said weird things in the car. Things such as:

>> eleven cases of empty wine bottles

>> a cow skull

>> a fifteen-pound snake in a plastic storage tub

>> assorted box turtles

>> a set of deer antlers in a bag

What about you guys…what's the weirdest thing you've ever hauled around in your car?


  1. OK, I gotta ask: WHY do you have 11 cases of empty wine bottles in your car? :)

  2. There was a wine tasting fundraiser at work and they were going to throw the bottles away (!!) so I too then home to recycle them. I actually did this two years in a row. My car smelled verrrry festive!

  3. You ALWAYS have a 15 pound snake in the car? Or you SOMETIMES have a 15 pound snake in the car. There's a big difference!

    I drove around with 2 sets of my Mom's Christmas lights for more than a year after she moved back to MA.

  4. I got pulled over for speeding when I was 19 and my rabbit with his litter box was in my back seat...just hanging out. The cop was a bit surprised.