Friday, November 23, 2012

someone needs to invent memory-to-DVD transfer

someone needs to invent memory-to-DVD transfer

Seriously. Cute things that happened yesterday and today that I wish I could play back anytime I want:

I took Nico to the zoo yesterday morning because it was a gorgeous day and the place is open 365 days a year, so why not? When we got there, I asked him what animal he wanted to see first and he surprised me by asking to see the "pink birds." We went to the jungle exhibit to see the roseate spoonbills and scarlet ibises and two of the spoonbills were having a spat of some kind. Nico didn't really notice, but I saw that one was chasing the other around and pestering it. Eventually one of them flew out over the rails of the exhibit and settled down onto the walkway around the bend from where we were. I saw it but Nico didn't, so when he headed that way I warned him that one of the pink birds was on the sidewalk. He didn't really listen, but instead went ahead of me around the corner. He immediately came trotting back, eyes huge and round. A few minutes later I saw the bird fly back over the rail into the exhibit, so I started to head down past where it had been. "No, Mama!" Nico cried. "Do not go that way!"

We went to Thanksgiving dinner at my aunt's house last night. Nico wasn't feeling his best and spent most of the evening hanging out with us and with my parents, but toward the end of the evening he ventured off on his own and went upstairs to find the other kids. We found him in the youngest cousin's room, sitting in the middle of this giant round rotating chair with a look of wonderment on his face as the five bigger kids spun him around and around.

I ordered Nico's school backpack today and decided to ask him if he had a preference between red and blue. I didn't want to show him the backpack online lest he change his mind between ordering and receiving, but I figured it was safe to just ask him his general opinion. So I asked, "Red or blue, which do you like best?" Without a moment's hesitation, he answered, "Milk!" (I ordered him the red one.)

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