Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Three things

Three things

1. Even though this pregnancy has been super low-key and easy, my body definitely isn't as forgiving as it was last time. My ligaments and muscles are already all twangy and cranky, and I thought I pulled something in my crotchular region yesterday when I lifted Nico into his carseat. Also, shaving my legs gives me Braxton-Hicks and a backache. It's probably a really good thing that we only have two more weeks of Mommy & Me swimming lessons so I can give up on shaving until my pants-off OB appointments start. Pregnancy: bringing sexy back!

2. I only bought one thing over Black Friday weekend, which was pajamas for Nico. I put a pair in my cart from Kohls online, then left it for two hours to help MB clean the house. When I came back, the pjs were sold out in his size and yanked from my cart. It's hilarious how bitter I am about this. Apparently I hold a grudge. I'm also cranky that I went to the actual Kohls store yesterday and bought him two pairs of almost-as-good pajamas, only to receive a 25% off coupon in the mail today. Of course. I'm wondering how big of a douchebag I'd be if I took the pajamas back and asked if I could return them and re-buy them with the coupon. Like, on a scale of 1 - 10, how big of an asshole would that make me? I think I could live with up to a five.

3. Speaking of the cleaning, MB got a burst of motivation on Sunday and spent three hours reconfiguring our entertainment center area. I once again failed to take any before pictures, so you'll just have to trust me that it looks better. I suspect we're doing the pre-baby semi-nesting thing we did when I was pregnant with Nico, where all of a sudden we got semi-frantic about getting projects done around the house before the baby arrived. I'm hoping to roll this momentum into getting the baby's room ready sometime prior to a week before his due date.


  1. I'd totally return the pajamas and buy them back using the coupon. I swear retail stores have some automated feature that sends coupons AFTER they register you recently shopped there. So I figure it'd be payback for that, and for the shopping cart incident. :)

  2. That whole, "Pregnancy: bringing sexy back!" MADE ME LAUGH OUT LOUD!

    so funny.

    I just got done with my 3rd pregnancy and I can tell you it was the roughest pregnancy. morning sickness, pain, baby constantly dancing on the bladder. even nursing the wee one hurts.

    but. i think of pregnancy like a metaphor.

    first the baby takes over your body. then he takes over your life!


  3. i hate when online shopping goes awry. ugh. so frustrating!