Sunday, February 10, 2013

Checking in

Checking in

Still here, still pregnant. VERY pregnant.

People keep asking me how long I have left and then giving me raised eyebrows when I say two weeks. Who knows, really. The baby is a bruiser and can kick the computer an inch or more across my lap. I've been having Braxton Hicks like whoa lately, which I think is probably a good thing. They don't hurt, they're just getting kind of aggressive. But I have no inkling of anything serious going on. I have a badly-needed haircut scheduled for Wednesday and I'm hoping we can dodge a Valentine's Day birthday, so I'm telling the little dude he needs to wait until Friday at the earliest. If he arrives before then, I reserve the right to give him a hard time about it later. For as big as I'm getting, I feel pretty good. My SPD is less painful now than it was back when it started, and my low back is starting to get cranky but so far it's usually tolerable. I am tired, though, and usually have no focus left at the end of the days. Also, shockingly, I'm finding it's harder to get ready for a baby when there's also another kid to keep track of. Not that Nico's difficult because he isn't - he's been straight-up awesome lately - but there's just the day-to-day care and feeding we didn't have to worry about when we were getting ready for him.

I do have the teeny clothes washed and the carseat installed in my car. I bought a box of size one diapers and a pair of nice curtain rods. MB canceled his weekly game night this past Wednesday and got the nursery very nearly painted. We've got edging and second coats to put on two walls and then the furniture can go back in there. We might get our sweet baby room done on time after all! Once the nursery is set up I'm hoping to do a mini makeover on Nico's room, too. I got him some curtains on craigslist with construction equipment valances, I dug out a construction light my cousin gave me in college, and he's got a nice new play tent from Christmas that he hasn't even opened yet. I'm hoping it helps him feel special and happy to be a big boy.

And he really is getting to be a big boy, seriously. I keep saying he gets to be the baby for two more weeks, but my baby is wearing 4T jeans and working puzzles and kicking butt at school and swimming lessons. I can hardly believe it, as great as it is.

He's still my sweet guy, though, always.

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  1. You look incredible! (No raised eyebrows from me.) I hope the next two weeks are nice and smooth for you. xx