Thursday, April 04, 2013

Easter basket post

Easter basket post

Jen suggested on Twitter that people write up Easter basket posts so she can make a list for us all to refer to next year for ideas. I kept Nico's basket pretty simple this year, though it was kind of extravagant compared to last year.

I saw these Micro Machine sized vehicles in a two pack at Toys R Us and thought Nico would love them. He has some of MB's childhood Micro Machines and plays with them quite often.

These day of the week truck underpants were kind of stupid-expensive but my potty-training desperation is starting to show, so I saw them at Old Navy and snatched them up. Until I added them, the whole basket probably only cost around twenty bucks.

Whole basket: inexpensive toy front loader, Micro Machines in eggs, sand / water mill, bug net, underpants, and a cool bubble toy that makes bubbles by squeezing rather than blowing. I decided not to put any treats in the basket since we were supposed to have a family egg hunt on Sunday afternoon.

I debated what to put in the egg hunt eggs for the two hunts that Nico participated in this year. He's not a big candy-eater yet and I'm totally okay with perpetuating that as long as possible. I ended up using Annie's Bunnies graham cookies for his preschool hunt and Annie's fruit snacks for the Spring Break / Easter party we attended. I made a note of what the other parents had done, because I liked the non-candy ideas:

Coins - Nico had never had money before and he was kind of excited over the twelve cents he got in one egg.
Small toys - bouncy balls, slinkies, die cast cars (our Dollar Tree had sets of three for a dollar)
Play Doh eggs
Stickers / tattoos

And someone I follow on Facebook mentioned that she got each of her kids a small Lego set and then distributed the pieces among a bunch of eggs that she hid. She color-coded the eggs to the kids so the sets didn't get mixed up and presumably was careful not to hide any of the eggs too well.

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  1. Those days of the week underpants are SO cute though. Definitely worth adding.