Sunday, June 02, 2013

By the numbers

Butts, by the numbers

2: hours it took from starting my sandwich to sitting down and eating it, due to interruptions from my children and their butts

2: baby outfits changed due to blowouts

1: bed changed due to toddler nap accident

3: children who screamed through butt-related bathing (Nico cried through his own shower and then hollered through Elliott's bath because he wanted me to cut the tag out of the pajamas he's worn a dozen times with no complaints.)

3: loads of laundry due to spread-out timing of butt activity

$140: amount we spent on fabric treatment and warranties for the couch we bought yesterday. Well spent, I'm guessing.

1: CDP I'm going to open tonight. I feel that I'm exercising remarkable restraint.

They are pretty cute, though.


  1. Oh. That is a lot of butts. I too have butt fatigue.