Tuesday, July 30, 2013



The weather was amazing on Sunday and we were all a little cabin-fevery, so I walked the kids down the street to the little playground on the corner. I parked the baby in the shade in his stroller and pushed Nico in the swing for a little while, then retreated to the shade myself. Nico had brought along his lovey, the blankie formerly known as Bee and now usually called Tiny. "Tiny loves to slide!" he informed me, and then he climbed right up the little slide and went right down. Like hey, no big thing, just going down a slide as if I haven't been too nervous to try it until this very moment! And then I offered to go on the bigger slide with him and he went ahead of me and right on down. I think he meant to wait for me at the top and slid down by accident, but once that happened he was set. I didn't put this on a summer goal checklist or anything, but it's pretty rad. As I've said before, Nico is not a physically daring child, so any new display of playground bravery is kind of a big deal.

And then we got home and I turned around to find that the baby had hilariously thuggified his little ball cap all by himself. Oh, kids. Bringing the awesome, one step at a time.

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