Monday, July 01, 2013

This must be immortalized

This must be immortalized

My day did not start out fantastically. I woke up at 8:00 to Nico standing by the bed and had to haul ass to pump, get us all dressed, and make it to the pediatrician's office by 9:00. And then the nurse looked at us and said, "You realize you're an hour early, right?" Best of all, I called and confirmed this appointment last week AND had it in my phone calendar at 10:00. Once the appointment was over we rushed to Nico's community playgroup, only to walk in just as they were singing the goodbye song. We did receive an invitation for a play date via text before arriving at playgroup, so that helped redeem Nico's day a little bit.

Toward the end of the playdate Nico was being bratty and refusing to eat the yogurt he had requested over and over. I told him fine, I'll eat it. When he saw me take a bite, he ran over to his chair and somewhat frantically demanded I stop eating his yogurt.

"What happens if I take the yogurt away from you?" he asked earnestly. "What happens if I take the yogurt out of your mouth and I put it in my mouth and it goes down to my tummy?" I couldn't help it, I said, "Then I win." (He ate the rest of the yogurt, so I won anyway.)

Despite this episode of slight toddler assholery, Nico was pretty good overall today and magnificent at dinner tonight. We needed to go grocery shopping and didn't want to shop hungry, so we took the kids and went out to eat. Both children were nothing short of stellar, so if you need any ponies they'll all be in my backyard.

Elliott only fussed a little and that was after he spit up and soaked the front of his shirt. Nico nearly ate his entire grilled cheese sandwich as well as his applesauce. Best of all, he was well-behaved and polite through the whole meal. Few things make me want to high-five MB and do a victory dance more than when Nico says please and thank you in proper context with no prompting from an adult. And at one point he looked at me and said, "Mommy, how is your food?" Like a real little person or something!

I'm sure by admitting all this in public I'm dooming myself to a day of disastrous tantrums tomorrow, but I'm taking the risk. And oh, you guys...Elliott had to get three shots at his well baby visit this morning and Nico held his hand. Today being a parent was awesome.

(Yesterday at the zoo. I finally let him ride the tram and he was SO happy.)


  1. congratulations on dinner! I think that kids have to constantly be taken out and tested, even though it is often a failure. How would you know when things can be okay in public again? I always say that my children are better in public than in my house.

  2. "How was your food?" killed me dead. So adorable!

    At Twins games, we sit by another family with season tickets. They have 2 little girls. Over the years, we've befriended them, and now the girls practically burst out of their seats when they see us arrive. The best part is, they always ask to sit on our laps - and they address as us Mr. and Mrs. [our last name]. Jason loves it: "Mr. [Last Name], can I please sit on your lap? Ugh, too cute!