Wednesday, August 14, 2013

August goals

August goals

I'm stealing this idea from Jennie via Alexa and posting some goals for the month. Hopefully having them posted here will keep me more accountable than putting them in my phone or writing them down on paper. In no particular order:

1. Sort / cull / store outgrown kid clothes

2. Pull out next size for both kids

3. Frame and hang Elliott's hospital photo and footprints

4. Choose outfits for boys' photos on 8/25

5. Choose photos for living room and order

6. Basement storage organization project

7. Hang thermal curtains in staircase window and Elliott's room

8. Read one non-bookclub book

9. Get allergy note and tickets for amusement park trip

10. Catch up on boys' monthly letters

11. Back up all iPhoto albums to Flickr

12. Call cable company for a quote

13. Make deposits into kids' savings accounts

14. Set up September playdate / girls' night / game night

15. Write to MIL

16. Get back on a normal sleep schedule before preschool starts. 

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