Sunday, December 01, 2013

December to-do list

December to-do list

(November recap at the bottom)

I feel like there should be a lot more stuff on here, but this is all I could come up with...perhaps I'll get lucky and this will be the extent of my December to-do list.

Finish putting up house decorations

Sort already-bought gifts and make a list

Set Thanksmas date

Nico's December book order

Come up with Christmas list for myself

Order Christmas cards

Make exchange ornaments

Update card list and buy stamps

Get gift cards for Nico's teachers

Mail Christmas cards

Start wrapping presents

Buy parent & sibling gifts

Make ginger squish cookies for family gatherings

Arrange / print / mail Nico birthday invitations

Set January playdate / girls night / game night dates

November to-do list

1. Set up weather radio

2. Take Halloween stuff back up to attic in a timely fashion.

3. Make Xmas ornaments for book club.

4. Start Xmas ornaments for group exchange.

5. Set up December playdate / girls' night / game night

6. Set cookie party date

7. Set Thanksmas date

8. Make Christmas photo appointment

9. Order birthday gift(s) for BoMB and Nie

10. Hang Elliott's hospital photo and owl print

11. Choose and order photos for living room

12. Catch up on boys' monthly letters

13. Read a non-bookclub book

14. Write to MIL twice

15. Bake a cheesecake for MB, dammit!

16. Sort and store / hang / donate frames behind bedroom door

17. Start 2013 Nico / Elliott photo books

18. Fix dining room buffet crapmagnet

19. Streamline / clean up blog template - enlist MB's help as needed

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