Sunday, December 29, 2013

Merry, merry

Merry, merry

We had a really nice and somewhat drawn-out Christmas this year, though someone needs to invent a word for feeling simultaneously grateful for and embarrassed by the number of gifts one's children have received. We saw MB's family the Sunday before Christmas and they went a touch overboard on the presents. Nico got four really nice CAT construction toys and of course he loves them, but he would've been equally thrilled with just one, you know? If you know a mighty machines-obsessed child, though, I highly recommend the shaking backhoe. It's really cool. (Other popular items received over all of the celebrations include a Play Doh brick mill and the Read With Me Scout and Little People zoo train toys that were actually given to Elliott.)

My extended family gets together for dinner and a gift exchange for the kids on Christmas Eve, but we had no other plans that day. MB and I ended up clearing out and reorganizing all the kitchen cabinets that morning while the kids napped and it was surprisingly enjoyable. I keep forgetting where the trash bags are now, though. Poor Nico's streak of never actually getting the things we put on his family gift exchange list continued this year due to my aunt waiting until the 20th to shop and the apparent popularity of the Duplo my first construction site set I put on his list. He did get a nice puzzle, though, and a Barnes & Noble gift card that we already used to buy a copy of his current favorite library book (and I snagged the Duplo set when it came back into stock on Amazon and have it stashed in the closet for his birthday). Elliott made out like a wee bandit with three toys, and so far his stand-out favorite is the apparently-delicious Melissa & Doug chunky safari animals puzzle. BoMB and Nie came by for a few hours Christmas morning and then we went to my parents' house for lunch and presents and a few hours of hanging out. Thursday night we took the kids on a carriage ride through the big light display in town. BoMB and Nie decided to stay in town an extra day and spent the evening and overnight with us on Friday, which was really nice. Last night was our annual Thanksmas party with our friends. I'm tired, y'all!

It was great to see everyone, though, and I'm left with lots of warm fuzzy Christmas-y feelings. Plus my house is really clean right now. AND I got the two things I asked for (a mini muffin pan and a steam mop) plus a new game that I really like (Qwirkle). Hooray for holidays!

Monday afternoon children's museum interlude:

Nico and bulldozer helping to put out reindeer food on Christmas Eve, which is apparently A Thing among the preschool set.

Ten months old on Christmas Day!

"When I visit Santa I'm going to tell him thank you for the green socks!"

Oh, and this is the new thing today. My baby!

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