Monday, April 21, 2014

holiday weekend photo explosion

I really, really wanted to go camping this past weekend. I made sure I'd have Saturday off, then when I found out MB was getting Friday off, I took that day off, too. I was looking forward to it so much, but then the logistical reality of a three-hour drive to / from the park I wanted to go to versus needing to be at my family Easter dinner at 3 pm on Sunday collided to change the original plan. I campaigned to camp at a closer park or to only camp Friday night, but we ended up not camping at all. I won't lie - I was pretty terribly disappointed. But the weekend turned out nice anyway, so I'm mostly over it.

One of the local museums had a free admission day on Friday, so I took the kids to that. I'm glad we didn't pay because they really don't have much for kids my kids' ages to do, but since it was free it was a nice little morning activity. The weather was amazing (which did increase my no-camping bitterness), so Nico got to play in the yard while Elliott napped Friday afternoon.

On Saturday we did go for a hike at a nearby state park. We started on a 1 1/2 mile loop, but hit a bridge that was underwater at the halfway point. Our choice was to turn back or to continue onto a longer loop, and we decided to press on. It was a 3 1/2 mile hike in total, which was just a little bit too long for Nico. He did complain in the final stretch that he was tired of walking and his legs hurt, but he made it to the end without any major meltdowns or an overabundance of whining. I was really proud of him, and told him so. I wish I had a photo of the way his face lit up when I told him we had made it to the end and asked him for a high five. He was pretty proud of himself, too, I think. After our walk we had a nice picnic lunch under a tree, then headed home.

(awkward baby back-carry selfie!)

Once we got home Nico and I dyed eggs. He was initially very concerned as to why the eggs were dying. This was the first year we tried dyeing real eggs and he seemed to like it. After the eggs he went down for a nap which turned into him sleeping from about 4:30 pm until the next morning. Poor kid was tuckered.

The Easter baskets were a pretty big hit. Nico made adorable / hilarious gasps of surprise when he opened the eggs containing his Lightning McQueen socks and pull-back race car. Elliott was sufficiently impressed with his light-up balls and kept holding them above his head and laughing maniacally. They both enjoyed their rainbow Goldfish. I ended up feeling like I'd bought just the right amount of things for them, which is always nice.

I never caught a shot of Elliott in victory pose, but this one continues to crack me up.

We went over to my aunt's house around 3:00 for the annual family egg hunt and dinner. Sadly, Elliott fell asleep on my mom's shoulder mere minutes before it was time to hide the eggs and didn't wake up until just after the hunt was done. I seriously considered waking him up to hunt, but I suspected it would've just made him really cranky so I didn't. Unfortunately this is the only photo I got of him in his cute little shirt.

Nico had a great time collecting eggs for both himself and his brother, and managed to score a bunch of the eggs my mom brought, which were stuffed with marshmallows and teddy grahams. He only had two eggs with peanut butter cups inside, which MB was happy to confiscate for Nico's safety. Nico did refuse to pose nicely for me with his basket for the first time, like some kind of tiny teenager.

awake, just moments too late

Because Monday always feels like an extension of the weekend (and because there are cute pictures), I'm going to include today as well. The boys and I had a pretty busy day and they were both fantastic. We started at baby story time at the library, then moved on to the community playgroup. At playgroup, Nico cooperatively played with another little boy from his preschool for quite a while, loading blocks into a dump truck and delivering them for the other kid to add to the wall he was building. It was really great to see him playing with another kid properly and well without any adult coaching. Elliott did some toddling and some crawling, tasted lots of toys, and eventually found a pile of cloth panels with wired edges that can be velcroed together to make cubes and tunnels and tents. I built him a bit of a half-assed tent and he had a blast crawling in and out of it. Nico had a bit of a difficult spell during circle time at the end of playgroup, but managed to get it together and then was great through lunch with grownup friends and a trip to Target. It was one of those days where I felt like a competent and confident mom, proud to be seen with my awesome kids whose company I thoroughly enjoyed. Altogether, an A+++ day.

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