Sunday, May 25, 2014

Shopping trip conversations

(after leaving our second stop)

Nico: Mommy, you wore me out.

Me: I wore you out? How?

N: By spending so much money.

Me: I'm hungry. Are you hungry?

Nico: I'm hungry.

Me: Where do you think we should eat?

N: Panera.

Me: I don't know, buddy. We should probably go somewhere less expensive.

N: But I want to go to Panera.

Me: That's not really an option, buddy.

N, grimly: Well, it's my option.

(we ended up going to Panera)

Nico: What's this song called?

Me: Black Dog.

N: Is it about a black dog?

Me: No, I don't know why it's called Black Dog. I think it's about a lady.

N: Why is this lady singing about a black dog?

Me: It's not a lady singing, it's a guy. A man.

N: Why does he sound like a lady?

Nico: Look! Look at that blue truck!

Me: Yes, I see it.

N: Are we going to buy that?

Me: No, we are not buying that PowerWheels.

N: Why not?

Me: Because it's expensive and you don't need one.

Nico: That little boy next door, why does he have one? Where did he buy it?

Me: I'm pretty sure someone bought it for him.

Nico: Why?

Me: I guess he's just lucky.

N: But how are we going to get it home? Will it fit in your car?

Me: Will what fit in my car?

N: That blue truck right there.

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