Sunday, May 18, 2014

Things Done / Things To Do

We are leaving in twelve days to spend almost a week in Memphis visiting BoMB and Nie, and I am feeling overwhelmed with the number of tasks I need to accomplish before we go. I'm hoping that posting a big to-do list will help keep me on track and accountable. A few pre-trip / start of summer things have already been accomplished, so I thought I'd list those also, to make me feel like I'm not SO far behind.


Two backyard bushes cut down / cut up - MB and three helpers did this yesterday while I was at work. The yard looks 1/3 bigger and I'm so glad we decided to get rid of them. I briefly felt a little bad about taking down the big magnolia right behind the house, but after spending an hour bagging up the last pile of leaves and twigs, I no longer feel bad. Good riddance, bush!

Five of six raised garden beds weeded and mulched.

Nico's outgrown 3T, out-of-season 4T, and next-in-line 5T clothes sorted into bins and labeled.

4T and 5T bins put away in Nico's closet.

Email Nie to decide what cool places we want to visit during our trip.

Take 3T clothes and Easter stuff up to attic.

Clear off / declutter dining room buffet

Clean up clutter in upstairs hallway

Make haircut / brow wax appointment

Buy postcard stamps and make family address list in phone


Take pile of big limbs / sticks to the dump, along with however many of the 42 bags of bush pieces we can fit in the truck. FORTY TWO BAGS. Our carport is completely full of bags right now. This has to be done by the end of the week, because we're hosting a Memorial Day cookout in the backyard.

Weed last raised bed and path around it. Mulch bed and spread wood chip pile to cover thin areas where grass is breaking through in the garden paths.

Wash out leaky sand / water table and take it to work to use as a corn dig during summer camp.

Finish or dismantle giant K'Nex roller coaster track in Nico's room. (and buy a bin to store the K'Nex)

Move furniture and mop wood floors

Get car auxiliary audio port fixed

Load Nico shows onto iPad


  1. Oh! Might I suggest a trip to the Botanic Gardens while you're in Memphis? We loooooooove it there- great for both boys' ages! They have a whole section just for kids called My Big Backyard. It's awesome! (we always take a change of clothes and good water shoes for splashing around in the creek- also there's a "scheduled" thunderstorm every 30 minutes in the Rain area.)

    1. We LOVED the Botanic Garden last time we visited! Nico had such a great time in the Big Backyard. It's definitely on our list this time :)

  2. Hello, Velocibadgergirl! It's been a long time! :) I look forward to catching up. I'm sure you don't remember me, but... hi.

    1. I do remember you!! How have you been? :)