Saturday, July 26, 2014

Boys of summer

In the midst of the stolen baby photos cancer scam drama, we actually had a really amazing perfect summer weekend with the boys last Saturday and Sunday. Delayed by my angst / slow watermarking process, here is the evidence:

Touch-a-truck! (They even had a helicopter, which landed right after we arrived. Greatest touch-a-truck ever.)

fire truck is SERIOUS BUSINESS

Panera lunch break / touch-a-truck aftermath:

Water Day at the library:

Bug festival (after dropping off Elliott and MB at home for naps):

Sunday birthday party fun:

On Sunday morning we discovered our butterfly had come out of its chrysalis, so we took it to the public flower garden to release it right before bedtime that night. Nico started to give it an adorable little pep talk: "Mr. Butterfly, here are some flowers! You can go find nectar!" Then he paused and asked, "Do butterflies have ears? Can he hear me talking?" I kind of wish I'd lied so he'd continued with his speech. The butterfly flew away, Nico pushed Elliott's stroller back to the car, and we drove home in the fading evening light. Mischief managed.

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