Sunday, September 07, 2014

Here we come to a turning of the season

By the calendar autumn doesn't begin for another two weeks, but Nico officially starts his schoolyear tomorrow and that's the end of summer as far as I'm concerned. We had the best, most fun-filled summer we could've hoped for this year, and I am a little sad to see it end. Of course, fall is my favorite season and we have some really fun stuff planned, so I'm not too sad. After an unheard-of streak of awesome weather, it finally got hot and muggy and slowed us down, but we managed to see the summer off in style. We are ending this fantastic run with two kids who are looking absurdly big and leggy, leaving me with even more of a feeling of moving toward a new and interesting chapter in this great adventure of ours. I'm not in a hurry to see them grow up, but I am looking forward to seeing what surprises they have in store.

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