Monday, December 22, 2014


And just like that, it's almost Christmas. We've had a really nice lead-up to the holiday, and if this year turns out to be a model for Decembers to come, I will not be disappointed.

Getting the month off to a festive start, I took Nico to a gingerbread house workshop at the library on the 1st. We ended up being the only people there, and Nico had a really good time. He decorated two houses, mostly by himself - a change from last year when he put on three candies and then ran off to play. Elliott was impressively patient while waiting for the masterpieces to take shape. I hope next year he'll be able to decorate one of his own.

The next thing won't become a December tradition, I don't think, just because everyone would prefer to space out travel expenses from holiday expenses next time around, but we spent a great weekend with our friendmily at the swanky rental cabin. The children were generally charming (I think) and not hooligans.

We went to see Santa at the library, as previously reported. I took both kids to a Christmas-themed Kindermusik class, which they enjoyed in a high-speed, blurry fashion.

We had two cookie-painting parties with friends, still one of my favorite holiday things.

I baked eight dozen ginger squish cookies for my coworkers while watching Stardust. We met up with my old work friend Julia and her family and took the kids on a horse-drawn carriage ride through the big light display at the park. Someone at work put a Santa hat on the office skunk.

We spent a day in MB's hometown and had two family meals / visits. The kids were excited about their gifts and Nico said thank you to everyone without prompting. They did almost get into a fight over Elliott's pretend guitar from their papaw...who knew my kids were that into guitars? MB's mamaw got the boys these little rubber animals that pop tiny nerf balls out of their mouths and Elliott LOVED them. He would carefully try to reload the ball, then be nearly overcome with anticipation of the coming flight. It was spectacular.

I finally found my Christmas CDs stashed in a box in my closet. I got all our gifts wrapped and bought supplies to make more cookies and I think our last Amazon shipment will just make it on time and our cards will only be a day late getting to everyone this year. I still really can't believe Christmas Eve is the day after tomorrow.

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