Monday, April 27, 2015

did-done list

It's not really a to-do list if I already did it, right? Either way, things I did today:

>> Wrangled Elliott at Kindermusik. He was especially writhe-y today.
>> Target run
>> Took both kids to the dentist. They did pretty well, though Nico definitely has some sensory issues regarding his teeth. Poor dude.
>> Stopped by to help my mom install Elliott's new carseat in her van.

Then, while Elliott napped and Nico played in the yard:

>> Reinstalled Nico's de-stinked carseat in my car (Fear not; he's been in an emergency-purchase high-back booster in the meantime. He loved it, but I don't feel great about using it for long trips / interstate driving just yet.)
>> Vacuumed out the back of my car, cleaned out the crap, and repacked the stroller, extra kids' clothes, etc (Related note: this winter when I'm cranky as hell and can't find my ice scraper, please remind me that I stashed it with the spare tire.)
>> Untangled the 50-foot outdoor extension cord and wound it onto the reel. Why wasn't it on the reel to begin with? I do not know. The next person who leaves it tangled in a big knot can sleep in the backyard until he untangles it again.
>> Cleaned out the cluttered shed. I am kicking myself for not taking before and after photos. I filled half of our gigantic trash can with crap, and there's probably some other stuff in there I could get rid of and not miss.
>> Hung up all the tools, organized the stuff, moved the mulch and potting soil up off the floor since the roof leaks in the middle
>> Sawed through the stem (trunk) of the annoying huge vine thing that is growing out the peak of the garage roof and put Roundup on the edges. Hopefully it'll finally die back.
>> Attempted to transplant the kids' little seedlings...we'll see if they make it

Was that it? There seemed like more. The shed project took about two hours. I'm tired. Oh, I also somehow managed to completely lose my keys. I can't find them anywhere.


We had a birthday party for the work skunk yesterday. It was ridiculous in the best possible way. We kind of threw it together in about a week since we've been so busy, but it turned out pretty great. 430 people attended over three hours, which is just nuts. We had a cake! All the kids got to make little paper skunk tails and hand-stamp skunk faces! I'm so relieved it went well.


  1. Skunk birthday party! This is so great. I love the skunk tails.

  2. I love the skunk party. Great job with the doing things. Want to come do things at my house?