Monday, April 13, 2015

weekend warriors

We were SO BUSY this weekend. SO BUSY. It was great, even though I'm really tired now. On Saturday, we took Nico to a Build & Grow clinic at Lowe's, bought some camping gear, met friends for bowling (Elliott's first time), and then had different friends over for dinner / games. On Sunday we met a friend's dad at the park for the kids' spring photos in the morning, had lunch on the patio at McAlister's, then dropped MB off at home and went to meet our playdate posse for a muddy woods adventure. (I heard one of the kids declare it to be the best day ever.) We were outside all day and Nico kept asking if we could do it again the next day. Today we were barely outside, alas. N had preschool and E had music class, then we picked up a free changing table, had lunch out, went to E's well child visit (90th percentile for weight at 32 lbs, 95th percentile for height at 36.75"), and went to the mall for a carousel ride and to pick out a buddy for Crabby the hermit crab. Sometimes I feel like work is where I go to rest up between weekends.

These few days did reinforce my suspicion that we wouldn't actually be able to stay home if I stayed home with the kids instead of working. I enjoy them so much more when we are out being busy and doing stuff. If we're at home, I am either trying to get stuff done or trying to relax while they run around burning energy, and I find myself telling them to stop running, stop screaming, stop flattening your brother until I'm sick of the sound of my own voice. When we're out and they're busy it's better because we're supposed to be busy, I guess. Then again, maybe if I stayed home and we stayed home more, we'd all be more used to it and they wouldn't run around like lunatics. Or perhaps this is precisely why my aunt and mom turned me and my cousins out into the backyard every day when we were kids. Anyway, I'm hoping against all odds that we have another amazing mild summer like last year so I can run them like dogs and keep everyone happy.

PS Nico asks me every day how many days are left until our camping trip, and it's pleasing me to no end. Probably I should start doing some kind of fair-weather chicken sacrifices or something.

Reading:  Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

Playing:  that Sesame Street CD, of course


  1. This looks like such a fun weekend! Our weekends are like this almost every single week, but we've gotten to the point where we wouldn't have it any other way. We get annoyed at each other and bored and sluglike when we stay home on weekends. This weekend we had a baseball double header, kick ball, slip and slide, a friend spend the night, splash pool fun, a birthday party at the playground, Disney water park and a stroll through Downtown Disney for a gift. It was exhausting and excellent.

  2. Fantastic photos. I..hope they fight as much as my children do? I have a few cute photos of my boys but recently they just try to photobomb each other out of..well, the universe. Anyway.

    I know what you mean about weekends. So good, so full, so exhausting and before you know it..Monday again.