Sunday, July 05, 2015

all you need is love

1. A new thing I love

Last year the book discussion group I attend read Ask the Passengers by A.S. King and I loved it. When Glory O'Brien's History of the Future turned up on the alternate list for our Mock Printz committee, I read that one and loved it, too. I'm not sure why I needed the universe to thump me on the head a third time, but our discussion book for July is Everybody Sees the Ants and it was also great. In the interest of full disclosure, it did make me sad / worried a bit over my kids becoming teenagers and dealing with all the shitty things that happen to teenagers. I read the whole book yesterday, most of it during two hours of Nico not napping in the afternoon. So now I've put Please Ignore Vera Dietz on hold at the library and I'm sad A.S. King only has two other books available, though there's another coming out in September.

"The world is full of assholes. What are you doing to make sure you're not one of them?" -- Everybody Sees the Ants, A.S. King

2. A thing I forgot that I love

Ages ago I started watching Friday Night Lights on Netflix after Jennie promised I'd love it. She was right, and I ripped through two seasons before inexplicably forgetting that I loved it. I finally started back up again and guess what, it's still great. It's not really very much about football, so you might like it as well, even if you don't care a bit about football. It's really well-written and the cast is great and I never ever understood what anybody saw in Taylor Kitsch until Tim Riggins. I also like football, so that's nice. Though season three made me cry at least three times, and it also sometimes makes me feel sad / worried about how I will possibly be able to parent my children as teenagers. Perhaps I'm just feeling a little overly sunrise / sunset this week. They're also extra-definitely never allowed to play football now that I have watched this show.

3. A thing I wanted to love

I was so happy to find out there was a new Mumford & Sons album, but they ditched all the bluegrassy instruments and it just didn't work for me. Because this really was every Mumford & Sons song ever, and that's what I liked about it.

4. Another thing I love

Back when it still felt absurd to be buying something for July, I was at the Dollar Tree shopping for work and saw a rack of silly patriotic-themed stuff. I impulse-bought headbands, star-shaped sunglasses, and glow stick wands for the boys for 4th of July and managed to remember that I had them yesterday. While I often look around our life and think we need less plastic crap in it, this time I was so glad I had spent the six dollars. This time, it was the greatest. They loved their silly things and it made people smile all day to see them decked out in their ridiculous frippery.

One more thing I love:

That viral video of the little girl and her mom dancing

Your turn...please tell me about some things you have loved recently.

(And, look - mandolin and banjo Mumford & Sons is just better. And they are totally okay with poking fun at themselves, which is always nice.)

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