Monday, August 10, 2015


Dear Nico,

It has been five years and nearly seven months since you were born, six years and some change since I found out you were growing from a hope into a baby, right there under my skin. Growing and learning with you has been the best adventure of my life so far. Today you start Kindergarten and it feels like the end of this great gig we've had going. I've felt vaguely morose all day, just like I did when you turned five. I'm certain I'll get over it and everything will be fine, but I am worried. Even though we've taken all the steps we felt we should to prepare you for this day, it's still terrifying to contemplate its arrival. I'm afraid you'll get your sweet heart broken, my beautiful boy, out in the big world.

At the same time, I'm eager to see what comes next and to meet the boy you'll become. I hope the universe is ready for the unleashing of your limitless curiosity. It won't always be easy, it won't always be fun, but this journey we're about to start is going to be pretty amazing, I think. And this time, you get to lead.


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  1. awww! I'll be waiting on tenterhooks on twitter to see how he fared! I will not get this picture out of Henry, he will be crying. Maybe like pre-k I'll take the first day of kindergarten picture when he gets home.