Friday, September 04, 2015

Sulk level: grand master

Elliott had his preschool orientation / short day yesterday, wherein the kiddos come in for 45 minutes with an adult and do a few practice activities. We were the last pair to go in, so everyone else was already sitting at the little tables when we arrived, but since we had visited on Tuesday to meet the teachers and see the classroom, Elliott knew exactly where the good toys were. I had to drag him away from the basket of cars and trucks and block his escape from the chair while trying to convince him to participate in making his "friendship pizza." He was clearly thinking, "This is BULLSHIT, MADAM," though he eventually started to enjoy sticking the little die-cut pepperonis and mushrooms with his classmates' names on them onto his paper plate pizza.

At the end the teachers brought out yellow shredded paper to be the cheese, which was honestly really adorable and pretty realistic-looking. In fact, Elliott thought it was actually shredded cheese (which he loves), snatched some, and put it in his mouth. He was deeply offended upon discovering he'd been deceived. Once he'd picked the pieces off his tongue, he gave his pizza a dark, dark look, and then very deliberately pushed all the fake cheese far off to the side. When I tried to glue a few shreds onto his craft he plucked them off and threw them away.

The kids got a little bit of free time to play, and then got called back to the mat to sing a song and say goodbye. Here's Elliott after I made him put away the cars, while all the other children were singing Teddy Bear Turn Around:

The drama is strong with this one. He's cute, though.

Reading:  The Shepherd's Crown by Terry Pratchett

Playing:  American Idiot by Green Day

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