Monday, April 25, 2016

current status

Plumb fucking tuckered out. I worked six days last week and I'll work six days this week, too. It's 11:08 PM and this is the first time my ass has hit this couch all day. There is a kid activity every single night this week, then I have a thing Saturday night. And I have a class basket to assemble for PTA and muffins to make for preschool and I'm supposed to be ripping out the carpet on the front stairs and the house is a mess. I'm trying to not be too woeful about it all because it's just the busy season at work plus typical end-of-school insanity, and a busy season at work means I'm doing my job. And I am doing my job. I am killing it lately and I don't care if it's immodest to say so. But I miss writing here. I miss watching Supernatural and tweeting at my friends about it. I miss Twitter people in general. I keep telling myself I just have to get through May and then it'll slow down. It has to eventually, right?

Reading (audiobook):  The Wrath and the Dawn by Renée Ahdieh

Playing:   the driving mix I finally figured out how to sync to my phone

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