Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Isabel posted a cool entry today detailing the contents of her purse, and I figured it would be fun to play along.

Here's my purse:

It's a woven bag, allegedly a native handicraft from Ecuador or Guatemala. I don't know how indigenous it really is, but a vendor who always sells swag at the Native American arts festival at the historic site I worked at in 2004 sold them. I'd seen them around (I'm guessing lots of hippie shops also sell them) and I really wanted one, so MB bought me one. I've used it ever since and I love it.

Now for the contents:

A:  My mp3 player in an old cell phone case. MB attached a ribbon and a carabiner to the mp3 player so I can clip it onto my clothes somewhere when I don't have any pockets. It works great to hang it from my pajama top when I'm lounging around listening to music and reading at night :)

B:  Hairband. Necessary in case of sudden barrette failure, as I cannot stand to have my hair in my face while I'm working.

C:  Coin purse with a kickass holographic comic book-style design. It used to belong to a girl that I worked with at my high school job at the ice cream shop, and I'd play with it whenever she got it out to buy something. When I started college and switched to only working weekends, she gave it to me as a semi-going-away present. It still reminds me of the good times we had at the store.

D:  Buckeye nut for luck *.

E:  Tiny compact-style mirror with a Care Bear sticker that I put on the front to cover up a sticky spot from the price tag. I got it at a thrift store for 25 cents.

F:  Fuzzy zipper pouch where I keep all the bargain club cards and punch cards and random whatever cards that I can't fit in my wallet anymore.

G:  One of three pens.

H:  Bank receipt and expired car insurance card (don't worry, I have a non-expired one in my wallet).

I:  Hot Topic gift card that MB gave me for Christmas.

J:  Notebook for writing down books I hear about and want to read, cool quotes I come across, etc. I actually use it all the time.

K:  My phone, clearly.

L:  Burt's Bees milk & honey lotion, the best lotion in the whole wide world.

M:  My wallet. I bought it for 50 cents on clearance at Gadzooks in high school, and I've been using it ever since.

Anybody else want to play? Link me in the comments so I can see your purse loot!


  1. There is entirely too much shit in my person to tag along.

    I think A is my favorite cuz it shows how much MB loves you...that he "hooked you up" so to speak. :)

  2. Well... I guess I can't speak for where precisely it was made, but I have been to Ecuador and those purses are ALL OVER THE PLACE there. I purchased a nearly identical purse (save for the pattern) while I was there. I always kind of had my doubts about how "handmade" all that stuff is there because it's all so similar.

    If you need a replacement I'll sell you mine ;) I haven't used it in ages.

  3. TAG! You're it!
    I'm tagging you for a meme, see my blog for details :)

  4. I love your purse. So pretty.

    And I think "J" is my fave. What a great idea...and a cool notebook!

    Thanks for playing.

  5. You KNOW I wanna play.

    I just don't know where my purse IS and lately the diaper bag has doubled as a purse. I swore I'd never be THAT MOM. *sigh* I miss my purse. THanks for inspiring me to refind the fucker and utilize it!

    BTW....I'm impressed with the volume in that tiny purse. And how meaningful it is. I'm not shocked to see how cool it all is. you're ultrahipandahalf. xo

  6. I am slightly intrigued, but definitely not cool enough to know how to label pics like that. We'll see what, if anything happens, since I'm nearing the time to actually post things again. Maybe.

  7. I've been meaning to do this for awhile actually, but then what haven't I been meaning to do?

  8. man, that would be a fun post, but it would take me too long, as i have more crap in my purse than should be allowed. i was looking for something in there earlier and found out i had coupons that expired in september.

  9. I did this post once to showcase the fact that there had been a tomato in my purse.

    I wish that I had your photo tagging skillz though.

  10. I actually just pasted the photo into Powerpoint and then put the arrows in with the "insert basic shape" command. Easy peasy! :)

  11. You kill me, how cute you are.

    I did this too, when I saw it on another blog. I just posted it today!