Sunday, April 09, 2006

Victory dance, with butt wiggle

MB and I went bowling tonight with a bunch of our friends, and I actually won. He usually kicks the butts of all involved, so it was kind of fun. Especially since he had been gloating ever since pulling ahead after frame #3. Ha HA, say I. Ha HA.

Two random photos

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A mess o' random links

Back in November, I noted the first annual MySpace Stupid Haircut Awards. It is with some glee that I report the second annual MySpace Stupid Haircut Awards.

Scientists seem to have found a fossil of a fish who could swim and do a little bit of landcruising:

New / rare animals have been discovered in "hotspots of biodiversity" near Mount Everest:

Click here for more photos.

The planet Uranus, which shares a special day with me, has a rare blue ring:

Link courtesy of MB :) .

The foulest thing involving animated hedgehogs that I've ever heard. Probably rivals Nanny Ogg's Hedgehog Song. Funny, but so foul. (No, really. I WARNED YOU.)

Reading: The Dogs of Bedlam Farm by Jon Katz (It's a great book; I just haven't had much reading time in the past week or so.)

Playing: Beck's Guero, Tonic's Lemon Parade.


  1. Wow / OMG! @ hedgehogs

    --bibliophile81, rabidmonkey & norahs1213 (collectivley)

    P.S.-- rabidmonkey & norahs1213 say that is not nearly so foul as Nanny Ogg's hedgehog song

  2. congrats on the victory over the gloating husband.

    my mom wandered in while i was looking at this and she pointed out that if you want to see something dirty involving a hedgehog, our dog (bitsy) has a habit of humping a stuffed hedgehog.

  3. I'm sorry, girls, but even a song rightly called "The Hedgehog Simply Cannot Be Buggered at All" is less nose-wrinklingly gross than a song of really nasty euphemisms for lady parts. I mean, "spam purse"? ACK.