Sunday, May 21, 2006

I'm almost sure I had something important to say.

Damned if I remember what it was, though.

How about a long list of random and unconnected items? I was informed today by a third party that my boss objects to things being referred to as "random" in the context that I use the word. I tend to say things are "random" if they are sitting around for no apparent purpose, or are in a certain place for no obvious reason. I submit this piece of evidence that my usage is correct.

the one who is good at spotting wildlife

I have begun to suspect that one of the cat's missions in life is to prepare us for parenthood. He is demanding, he tends to throw tantrums and act out when he doesn't get his way, he cries when he wants something, he dislikes being told no, he sometimes has issues with pooping in the potty, and he'll wait until the litterbox is totally cleaned out--say, right before company comes over for dinner--and then he'll take a big stinky dump, and smirk on his way out of the room. He's also so adorable that he could do just about anything, and I'd still be head over heels for him. How could I not be totally bonkers for a guy who can get himself inside a closed-up paper box without taking off the lid?

the one who is the love of my life

MB returned from a four-day trip to visit some old friends, and brought me a small package of chocolates from the local fine chocolate store. They are are the cinnamon sticks I was treated to from Pizza Hut tonight. At least I don't have to wonder why I can't seem to lose weight.

He also brought me a sandwich at work this afternoon, since I worked twelve hours today, and attended one of my public science presentations. He's pretty darn cool, even if he does ask me plaintively why I haven't washed his jeans yet, and even though he doesn't spend much time in office-supply containers.

I hope this doesn't mean I'm one of those scary girls.

While I do not specifically seek out and purchase items to stockpile for the children MB and I plan to have one day, I must admit that every now and again I do procure items to "put away for the kids." I almost can't believe I just typed that out. I feel like I'm telling a dirty secret or something. They have to be really cool things, though. And really good deals. For example:

Come on...seriously...Classic Pooh and a very cute Tigger? For 50 cents each at a rummage sale? Who could say no to that?

Also, even though in the last couple of years I've become pretty good at not accumulating non-specifically-child-intended stuffed animals, occasionally I get ensnared by one from which I cannot walk away:

these two items made me feel a little teary

Dear Lord, I'm just all kinds of embarrassing today. But these are really good:

essay on motherhood by Anna Quindlen, cited by Sweetney

happy birthday message to her one-year-old daughter, from HollyRhea

best movie insult of the month (an old favorite)

Me: "Your words are feeble and twisted as an old woman's, Kitty!"

Kitty: "Meow!"

Reading: Julie and Julia: 365 Days, 524 Recipes, 1 Tiny Apartment Kitchen by Julie Powell; Equal Rites by Terry Pratchett; Frindle by Andrew Clements. (Clearly I'm feeling a bit...multifaceted this week.)

Playing: Within a Mile of Home by Flogging Molly. I'm a bit hooked on it right now. Also, the soundtrack from The Last Unicorn--a much-beloved favorite film from my childhood--which was a very thoughtful and much-appreciated Christmas gift from my sister.


  1. you think it's weird you wanna buy things for your future children? sometimes i see really cute things and contemplate buying them for your future children. i haven't indulged that desire yet, though. it's nothing personal, you just seem most interested in having future children.

  2. Wow... you're reading three books that I've read. That seems to make complete sense and complete nonsense all at once.