Friday, July 28, 2006

This made my brain go "boink!"

Instead of reading the words, say the FONT COLORS as you go through the list.

I found it on a science website (, and the caption with it said:

"Although we see both the color and the meaning of each word, experience has taught us to pay more attention to the meaning. James R. Stroop called this the “interference effect.” "

I don't know who James R. Stroop is, but I'd bet he was better at reading the font colors than I am.

Announcing the best yogurt ever invented:

It's almost as good as ice cream, and for me, that's saying quite a lot.


  1. EvilDucky7710:03 AM

    They just renamed the "custard style" yogurt "thick and creamy" . . .

    I used to love the lemon "custard style" yogurt before my no gelatin thing!

  2. EvilDucky7710:05 AM

    PS- if you take off your glasses so you can't read the words before rattling off the color names, is that cheating?

  3. Unfortunately, that probably is cheating. But you also probably get bonus points for creativity. ;)

  4. i tried the glasses thing. doesn't work for me. i can still read them, unless i close my good eye, and then it's so blurry that the colors all run together and it kinda looks like something a hippie would wear.