Tuesday, July 25, 2006

You're either in, or you're out.

I always look forward to Wednesday evenings, because that's the night that I meet up with one of my best friends at the Barnes & Noble to drink chai and hang out and ogle all the shiny new books we wish we could buy. But now I have another reason to look forward to Wednesdays, because after I get home from "chai and chat," as MB likes to call it, I get to watch the night's episode of my new favorite obsession on my poor girl's Tivo (aka the tape from the VCR that I set to record before I left for work that morning).

Here's a clue (a big fat clue):

I don't know why I love this show so much. I think it's because it combines a reality formula that actually works for me (I also love to watch America's Next Top Model, even though Tyra Banks gets on my nerves.) with actually making something. It's sort of like HGTV mixed with just the right dose of drama, and then they throw in Heidi Klum and her damned adorable accent.

MB may think I'm nuts for watching this show, but I'm so not alone. Dude, even Jennifer Weiner likes Project Runway!

Playing: August and Everything After by Counting Crows and the soundtrack from the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie

Reading: Don't Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late, a sequel to one of my favorite children's books of all time:

Both by Mo Willems. It's probably a bad thing that I now know I can purchase a pigeon poster or T-shirt. A very bad thing indeed.


  1. Anonymous9:01 AM

    TONIGHT TONIGHT TONIGHT! YAY! SO EXCITED. My parents have left (sad), but at least I won't have to deal with my dad making fun of Project Runway (because I would definitely pry the remote from his hands). Don't MESS with PR, daddy-o. Not funny.

    Have fun with your friends! Carry on...

  2. I know! I set the VCR before I left and then plastered a sticky note to the TV so that MB won't mess up the settings if he plays XBox tonight. He'll think I'm crazy, but I don't caaaaaaaaaaare, because I'm ready for my PR fix!

    I hope they make something other than a gown tonight, though. Three gown challenges in a row would be a bit much.

  3. Anonymous8:32 AM

    Did you like the challenge? I am starting to loathe Keith. Why are people like this? Assclown! And Vincent-- dude. He's not right.

  4. I thought the challenge was pretty cool, though it was a bit lame that Keith ignored the challenge and didn't get kicked off the show. Keith = in need of a boot to the head. I wanted to cheer when Heidi called him out about the bracelet that he "worked really hard" to "make" for the dog.

    Vincent seems like he's about two steps away from cracking like a piñata. I want to like him because he's so oddball, but instead I feel like I should back away slowly, making no sudden movements and speaking all the while in a very soothing voice.

    I really like Uli, though I'm concerned that she can only do one style of bodice. I liked Katherine, but I wasn't surprised to see her go...she blamed the sewing machine for her crappy-looking hem!

    The glare Allison gave Uli when the winner was announced was crazy! If looks could kill!

    And was I the only one who yelled, "OH MY GOD, SHE MADE A FREAKIN' BUBBLE SKIRT!" the first time Angela's creation appeared on screen?

  5. I love PR also. It's oh so very yummy.

    And my baby even has one of the pigeon books. I hadn't heard of them until someone bought it for him. And now I love it and laugh every time I read it.