Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Apparently, there's a leak.*

Edited to add this helpful timeline:

6:45-ish AM Discover puddle. Replace sopping towels. Fume a bit.

6:50 - 7:10 AM Photograph puddle. Transfer, resize, and upload photo.

7:13 - 7:15 AM Post photograph in two different places on the internet.

8:00 AM Arrive at work. Reflect on the absurdity of posting a photo of the puddle in two places on the internet before actually calling the landlord to fix the cause.

8:12 AM Call landlord and leave a message.

3:15 PM Talk to MB on the phone. Learn that the puddle above was caused by the cat, who knocked over the bucket that had caught most of the water that leaked in during the storm last night. Think uncharitable thoughts about spoiled felines.

3:24 PM Talk to MB again. He has spoken to the landlord. Apparently there was a tree branch on the roof that was "channeling the water" down the side of our building. Surmise that nothing was actually done to fix the leak. Look forward to the next time we get to do this.

8:15 PM Edit this entry.

The day wasn't a total bummer. I found out this morning that a pair of dress pants I assumed I'd become too chubby for not only fit, but made my ass look spectacular. MB cooked dinner and it was delicious. We had baked chicken, shells 'n' cheese, green beans, and corn. It really started with the corn, because:

I finished the ninth book for my reading project today, which means I'm five reviews behind. Good and bad.

Henna feet are just plain good:

Reading: The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold, Moving Pictures by Terry Pratchett (starting tomorrow)

Playing: Celtic River, Plans by Death Cab for Cutie, the Garden State soundtrack

And last of all:

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  1. Evilducky7710:42 AM

    dishwasher leaking?

  2. BWAAAHAHAHAAA!! As if we have one!

    Ahem. Sorry.

    I'm married to the only dishwasher I've ever had. ;)

    That's rainwater, thanks to a failed seal on our sliding door.

  3. anything leaking sucks, but it could be worse. could be the plumbing inside your walls or something.

  4. Evilducky774:33 PM

    Was the plumbing inside the walls comment some sort of premonition about my house?