Thursday, August 17, 2006

So, Project Runway.

Don't read this if you haven't watched this week's show, obviously. Or if you don't care about Project Runway.

This episode was a little bit brutal, I thought.

As much as I've liked Kayne in the past, his catty bitch act is kind of wearing on me. Don't get me wrong, I'll gossip with the best of 'em, but he's just been mean-spirited on the last few episodes. I did have to say I appreciated his relieved bolt from the runway at the end. Maybe he'll dial back the drama next week and make me like him again.

As much as I really REALLY dislike Jeffrey, I was surprised he didn't win. He acts like he knows better than the judges. I just want him to SHUT UP. But his dress actually was a bit more impressive than Michael's winning piece and definitely illustrated a good understanding of the materials he chose. He can keep his attitude, though. I don't really want to see him rolling his eyes and acting all shitty when the judges compliment the other designers.

I dig Uli, but I don't think she has demonstrated much range. I'm sort of surprised the judges haven't called her out for it yet. Granted, she produces absolutely stunning halter dresses...but what would she make if pants were required? Or sleeves? I'm interested, but cautious.

I've just started to really like Laura lately, so it was kind of unpleasant to see her being sort of bitchy. Not that I totally disagreed with her, but I don't feel like she really needed to call Kayne out to his face about his style or harangue Vincent about his (yet again) awful dress (though I wonder if Vincent was talking shit about Alison before Laura went off. Oh, and Kayne? You don't want to be "degraded" on camera? Suck it up, spend every moment outside the workroom talking smack about somebody. If you can't take it, stop dishing it.)

I feel bad for Alison. She seemed very sweet, and most of the stuff she did in earlier episodes was really nice. I guess it was just her bad luck that the judges weren't quite creeped out enough by Vincent to send him packing. That Minnie-Mouse-looking bow was TERRIBLE. She really should've found a way to make her original striped paper idea work. It also pisses me off that the judges were ragging on Alison for being a female designer and yet being "so careless with the female form." Pot, Kettle; Kettle, Pot. To a show that calls (with tones of regret) that stick of a model "larger" and says (somewhat disdainfully) that the dress makes her look "like a plus model," I got a finger for you. Guess which one.

Vincent. Dear God, make him stop talking. I eventually would've recovered from him saying twice that he "got off" on the dress during his pre-runway voiceovers. I could've convinced myself he was being metaphorical. But when he told the judges that the model's geisha-shuffle turned him on, let's just say the look on Nina Garcia's face pretty much said it all for me. He's a serious freakazoid.

I have decided that I want Michael to win the whole thing. I'd like Laura to make it to the top three for sure, but Michael really and truly seems like a nice guy. He's funny, he's extremely talented, and he isn't catting around behind everyone's back every second of the day. He may yet have reserves of untapped Asshole Potential, but I'm hoping not.

I am insanely impatient for next week's episode. Is it Wednesday yet?

P.S. Happy Birthday, Rabid Monkey.


  1. In a word YES! I thought Michael was a silent threat at the beginning, and it looks like that was true. Plus he keeps his mouth shut which I love.

    I really think Vincent needs to skeedaddle asap. He is gross and weird and his stuff looks like crap. His dress looked like a piece of butcher paper that he let a local kindergarten class decorate.

    I was really surprised that Angela was safe this time. Her creation looked like futuristic overalls. She's still on my list of most annoying contestants ever.

  2. i know nothing about this show, but i love your rantings. about the whole plus model thing: if you say she was a stick, she's sounds pretty small to me, but you have to remember that a plus model isn't very plus. after all, if you were taller you could be a plus model, and i mean the size you were in college. actual big girls like me are supposed to wear badly cut garments in prints that look like someone's grandmother's couch and just be glad they don't let people stone us. you have to remember, your adverage runway model could make a heroin addict seem like a real chunk-monster by comparison. owning breasts or hips does disqualify someone for the job.

  3. Stay tuned, rabidmonkey. Next week's preview indicated they had to design for a "regular woman," and the silhouette they showed through the runway screen looked like it might belong to someone with a much less stick-like body.

    Unfortunately, I probably won't see the episode until next Sunday night *SOB* I hope no one hits me with any spoilers before then.