Wednesday, September 20, 2006


As is usual around here, I got up at about 6:20 this morning, so I'd be able to see MB off to work. I sat beside him on the couch while he put on his shoes and told him of the computer woes from the night before. I said, "Guess how many CDs of cat pictures we had, just from 2005...THREE!" He said, "Cool." I said, "No, it's not cool. We're sick. We're sick people, and we need help." He just laughed at me, but I guess it was foolish to look for a shared sense of sheepishness from the guy who took a sequence of twelve 16-second movies of the cat bathing himself (8 segments of shoulder washing, 3 segments of leg washing, and 1 segment of admittedly funny-looking chest washing).

Then I looked down and realized that during all of this, the oft-photographed, long-haired, constantly-shedding white cat was making a Cat Cave out of my fluffy black work sweater on which the lint roller is usually useless.

And I realized that while I may not be living one of the great romances of our time, having a quirky probably-not-so epic romance that leaves me smiling most mornings is probably better.

It's not a bad life...not a bad life at all.

continued...12:40 AM

Not winning any prizes for my powers of observation

I noticed yesterday that the office plants were looking a little parched, and I remembered around 11:00 today that I had planned to water them, so I went and got a carafe of water from the staff lounge. As I was watering, I was thinking of other things, so I didn't notice that the waxy, prickly-looking bonsai plant that sits up in the window ledge was fake until I'd poured water into it and noticed that it wasn't soaking in. It's a very good thing I'm alone in the office this week.

Two by Two

The apathetic one wasn't exaggerating about pissing off the rain gods last week. I had to move my car from the parking lot at work, because the water was almost up to the undercarriage. After wading to the car to move it, I decided to run home and get a dry pair of pants and put on my Tevas, but after driving through water that was probably up to the bottoms of my car doors on the way to my apartment, I was NOT interested in making a return attempt while the streets were still flooded. While I was trapped at home I took these pictures from the front and back doors of my apartment as the four-inches-in-an-hour rainstorm was finally dying out.

(Hint: anywhere you see patches of light gray-blue in the
above photo, that's water. It's supposed to be grass.)

Yesterday's Married to the Sea comic seems like a fitting addition:

Mr. Kitters says:

"Hey,! Why don't you quit screwing around
and upload the damn photos already? We're wasting valuable
America's-Next-Top-Model-watching time!"


  1. Please, please tell me that you and Mr. Kitters do not actually plan on watching America's Next Top Model!

  2. Mr. Kitters and I LOVE America's Next Top Model, but we don't know why.

  3. Okay velocibadgergirl - you are totally my new best friend (but not in a scary internet stalker kind of way). I don't know why I want to watch ANTM - every cycle I say, "I'm never watching this show again!" but alas, I countdown till it it re-aired.

    Oh and I totally hear ya on the cat pics. I have a hard time because I feel guilty if I take more pictures of one cat than the other. We'll blame that on OCD or something. :)