Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I'm one microscopic cog in his catastrophic plan

Just now, MB spent about 15 minutes watching this cinematic gem on VH1:

To be fair, he spent the first ten minutes confirming it actually was a movie about MC Hammer, just for the sake of science and all that. But then, once he'd confirmed his suspicions, he was still watching it.

VBG: This is really terrible.

MB: *watches in silence; may be stunned into silence by horror unfolding on screen, as Hammer Pants have been busted out*

VBG: I can't believe you're watching this.

MB: I'd better change the channel before this becomes a blog entry.

VBG: Too late.

MB: What, already?

VBG: Oh, yeah.


Designed and directed by his red right hand

Our computer started screaming for mercy shortly after I started the long process of getting Blogger to accept my cookies so I could write an entry. For the first time in a long time, it only took one clearing-out of my cookies, temporary internet files, and internet history to get Blogger to accept all of the photos I wanted to upload. A miracle! And thank God, because I was already frustrated with the computer for going like this:

about fifteen times.

I deleted a bunch of albums from the media library, but there's not enough memory to burn any audio CDs, so I have to keep a bunch of stuff that I hadn't got around to burning yet. Since the Mr. Kitters 2005 folder of pictures from our digital camera weighs in at 1.76 Gigabytes, I figured that would be another place to cull the herd. When I started shifting the pics into separate folders to burn to CD, I found out that it's going to take THREE 700Mb CDs to hold all the cat pictures just from one year. Sweet God. But I have to tell you...shots like these make it all worthwhile:

Pure photographic gold, no?

Since I planned to go to bed 45 minutes ago but find myself locked in an epic struggle with forty gajillion cat pictures, I'm going to have to stop pretending I have something important to say. Hopefully the computer won't implode before I have a second chance to astound you with my brilliance.

Reading: James Joyce & Kafka for school

Playing: The Best of Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, Eye to the Telescope by KT Tunstall


  1. How do you feel about KT Tunstall? I was kind of disapointed, but maybe I didn't give her enough of a chance, before I returned her to the library.

  2. Oh the glorious cat! Please smooch that little kitten nose! EEEEK!

    As for the husband, erm, um, hmm. Sounds like a Josh move. I told you those two will get along swimmingly!

  3. I don't dislike the KT Tunstall, but I had hoped most of the album would sound more like her big single ("Black Horse and the Cherry Tree"), and it doesn't. I guess I'm disappointed, but willing to listen to the mellow stuff a little bit longer before I decide for sure if I like it.