Thursday, September 07, 2006

Blog powered by Blogger; blogger powered by Mountain Dew

I should've known better, really. Sure, in college I could knock back a 20-ounce and a half of Mountain Dew per day with no ill effects, but I'm old now. MB and I had a frozen pizza for dinner, though, and I was immediately afflicted with the dreaded Pizza Death Thirst, for which there is no known cure except carbonated beverages. The only soda in the apartment was a 20-ounce bottle of Mountain Dew, so I went for it. It tasted so damn good, but now I'm all jittery and half-addled. Perfect mindset for trying to write something amusing and meaningful, right? Caffeine! Whee!

So this is sort of really HUGE and FUN:

A dear friend of mine is getting married in Seattle in October, and I convinced MB that we should use the wedding as an excuse for a decadent West Coast vacation. Neither of us has ever been to Washington nor seen the Pacific, so it seemed like a perfect opportunity. We're going to hang with my homies in Seattle for two days, then drive over to Olympic National Park for four, then come back to Seattle for two more days. We're spending one whole glorious day with this insanely fabulous person and her handsome husband and divine boychild. There will be much squealing and jumping around, I guarantee it.

Also, don't tell MB, but we're totally going here:

If you don't know about Archie McPhee, you need to check it out. They have choice products, like this 17" latex vulture:

"Being a scavenger isn't easy. Just imagine if you had to circle around the Burger King for a few days before pulling up at the drive-thru. This 17" tall, soft latex vulture is extremely realistic and looks eager for you to die."

Mostly, I'm beyond giddy at the prospect of hanging with my peeps, and cannot wait to visit Olympic. Back when I was still trying to convince MB that we should take this trip, I put together a PowerPoint presentation to argue my case, which featured gorgeous photos and fascinating facts found on the park's website. I never actually got around to showing it to him, but it's quite hilarious. Here's one of my slides:

It's just as well that he gave in before he saw the slide show. He was a goner anyway. Who could withstand this kind of earthshattering logic and superior reasoning?

In all honesty, I expect to be both uplifted and immensely humbled by this amazing place:

Washington, here we come!

Reading: Book 6 of the Mediator series

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  1. A latex vulture and nature pictures all in one entry!

  2. Moss IS awesome, and nudibranch is a cool name...strange, but cool. Those damn scientists and their weird Latin nomeclature...

  3. can we see the whole presentation sometime? or do we not want to because then we'd have too big an urge to go on a vacation i can't afford?

  4. Evilducky779:53 AM

    Gah, your blog makes your life sound so happy-snappy all the time. If I had a blog it'd be all, "Bitchity, bitch, bitch." Perhaps its best that I don't have a blog.

    Kudos on the vulture though. He rocks. Oh and the trip too. . .have fun!

  5. Mind if I tag along on your trip? I promise I'll be quiet!

    And your freaking slide show? Cod you rule.

    Is it October yet?!!

  6. Credit for the vulture goes to Ms. Bibliophile, who IM-ed it to me.

    I can't life is pretty good. And when there is suckage, I either don't want to talk about it or get over it before I have a chance to talk about it.

    If I ever get to be too much of a Suzy Sunshine, feel free to roll your eyes ;)

    M, you can totally tag along! Please bring the boychild as well! ;)