Sunday, September 03, 2006

An Unexpected Kindness

Someone I barely know gave me a gift today. She volunteers where I work, and I trained her for a project last spring. I saw her once or twice a month over two or three months, and then she left for India for the summer. Today she stopped by and gave me a gift she'd brought back for me. It's a beautiful set of six handpainted nesting dolls.

I tend to buy little gifts for people at random. Now that I know how nice it feels to receive one, I'm definitely not going to stop.

MB Rocks

Because he made my new banner. And for many other reasons.

Are you reading this? Um...why not?

The author of the blog Nothing But Bonfires is backpacking through Southeast Asia, and writing some pretty cool entries along the way.

Mr. Kitters Says:

"Please ignore the icky leaky baseboard and dangling internet cord and turn your attention to MY UNBEARABLE CUTENESS."

Reading: Book 5 of the Mediator series

Playing: Plans by Death Cab for Cutie


  1. Prolific bitch!


    Okay, I didn't mean the bitch part.

  2. WEEEE You don't know how giddy I am that you gave me the secret key to thee! And discover you got a fabulous suprise gift? AND I get to see a cat pic? It's all too much! HOORAY!

  3. EEK!! HI!!!

    You see? I am incapable of squealing in your presence. Should be interesting for our husbands when we meet in October ;)