Monday, October 02, 2006

Mail Makes Kitties Happy

A few weeks back, I was trying to find a photo of Mr. Kitters's favorite treats so I could illustrate an entry about how said treats are like Kitty Crack. I didn't find a photo (and never wrote the entry), but I did find a site where I could sign up for a free sample of the treats.

Since free is ALWAYS good, I signed up. One of the blanks asked for the pet's name, which I thought was sort of cute. Once I submitted the form, I pretty much forgot all about it, until today when the mail arrived.

Today we received a padded mailing envelope addressed thusly:

"TO: Mr. Kitters--Ocean Fish Feline Greenies

c/o Velocibadgergirl
Badgercity, state etc."

And they didn't just send a sample packet like the ones we found at PetSmart for 99 cents. Oh no. They sent the regular-sized five-dollars-at-PetSmart bag. It's like Kitty Christmas up in this house.

It might be a coincidence that the cat's mood has vastly improved since yesterday...but then again, it could be the Kitty Crack.

Mail Makes Girls Happy, Too

At least it does when it includes $5 clearance T-shirts from Hot Topic.

But Sometimes, Mail Sucks

Like when it's a "Fabulous Furs" catalog, and I'm dialing their 1-800 number and preparing for a righteous take-me-off-your-mailing-list-you-dirty-furmongers shitfit when I thankfully notice the teeny tiny subtitle: "The Finest Faux Furs." Hissy averted, narrowly.

Luckily, Mail Is Often Funny Enough To Make Up For It

For example, when it includes an invitation to a Halloween party that goes like this:

          You Are Invited!
          For:  Halloween Party
          Date:  Nov. 3rd
          Time:  7 PM
          Place:  EvilDucky and Mr. EvilDucky's House
          Given By:  See above
          RSVP:  Sure, why not.

Reading: Y: the Last Man. I'm not usually a big fan of graphic novels, but I read the first collected volume of this at Barnes & Noble a few months ago and really liked it, so I got the 2nd and 3rd books from the library today.

Playing: Eve 6

Peace returns to the realm...for now, anyway.


  1. Oh... I totally, totally laughed my f****** ass off reading about the fab. furs.

  2. Evilducky7710:19 AM

    ooh, how do we sign up for free greenies for our kitties?


  3. Unfortunately, I can now only find a link on their site for dog Greenies. I guess the kitty cat offer expired :(

  4. Evilducky7711:17 AM

    hmm, thats okay...the dog will be happy. (shh, don't tell the cat.)

  5. we can't have greenies, because pete is allergic. he loved it, but then he exploded on the carpet, and it was green.

  6. You should submit this photo to a contest ... it's a winner!