Sunday, October 01, 2006

What do you think the odds are...

that this house:

(a) structurally unsound
(b) chock full of lead paint and asbestos
(c) haunted ?

And if a, b, and c are all false, then what are the chances that we could afford to buy it and also afford to hire my contractor cousin to help us fix it up?


Obviously it needs a lot of work. The red carpet is horrendous, this bathroom scares me, and the mirrored backsplash is so fugly that it's probably illegal in at least three states:

But look what it once was:

Think of what it could be someday...

In truth, it matters very little at this point, since we're not in a position to buy any house, let alone one that needs months if not years of constant, expensive TLC. Daydreaming about once-gorgeous, possibly haunted houses beats doing my homework, though. When I read Faulkner, it makes me want to grasp him firmly by the shoulders and then shake him vigorously while shouting, "Embrace the period as a punctuation mark! The full stop is your friend, William!" Then I want to tell him, "Also? Personal pronouns are great, but when there are four males in a story, you cannot refer to a somewhat peripheral character as simply 'he' and expect me to be able to differentiate which 'he' you're trying to indicate."

Accomplice...or is that accessory?

Someone I know asked me if I'm interested in buddying up for National Novel Writing Month, to keep each other motivated and accountable. I agreed. I'm both excited and worried that I'll fail spectacularly.

Call the Cat-Whisperer

Today the cat hissed at and slunk away from the visiting BoMB* for no apparent reason, even though he'd watched, unfazed, as BoMB walked right by him a few moments earlier. He also yowled at, shrank from, and growled at MB this morning. I have no idea what's gotten into him, and I'm a little bit worried. Even weirder, when he seemed frightened of MB this morning, he let me pet his head to comfort him, and I'm usually the first one he bites when he's in a snit. I hope he's just in a weird mood and that things are back to normal tomorrow.

Reading: Go Down Moses

Playing: Godsmack

*BoMB = Brother of MB


  1. i remember seeing that house a way long time ago (last winter i think), and if it's been on the market that long it might still be when you'r ready. but i say you aren't allowed to buy it unless you can rebuild the porch/balcony, cause that was awesome. and the staircase in the last house you blogged about was way prettier. and the mirrored backsplash is indeed a crime against good taste.

  2. The bathroom and the kitchen have to go pronto but ... what charm and mystery and grace to the rest of the place!

    Didn't you finish your great American novel yet that will help pay for a property like this? Actually, they should pay you for taking that bathroom and kitchen off their hands.

    Good luck, luv! The ghosts alone are worth the price :>) Such ambience!