Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Pretty please vote for Jenn

Jenn over at Breed 'Em and Weep is up for the Best Parenting Blog of 2006. Even if you've never read her blog, trust me: It's really, really good. Plus she's nice, and she's funny.

So please, pretty please, take a few seconds and go vote for Jenn. It would so rock if she won. Voting is open until the 15th, so send all your blog friends! You can vote once every 24 hours if you're feeling especially helpful.

Happy Birthday, MB

Today is MB's birthday, so instead of blogging about him, I'm going to go hang out with him. Happy birthday, love!

Happy Birthday, also... my favorite otaku.

Blogger Beta, I'm gonna knock YOU out.

Blogger Beta has apparently decided that my password is not acceptable, so if you've switched to Beta, I've probably tried to comment on your blog about five times today, only to be cruelly rejected. M, I was allowed to comment on yours only as Anonymous. Sorry about that. Sasha, your blog completely shut me down and left me out in the cold. Sorry extra (but welcome back! Yay!).


  1. Anonymous11:29 AM

    The beta - password problems were fairly widespread. If they've not yet cleared up for you, try logging in with a Google account, even if you "stay" logged-in as far as Google is concerned. Apparently Blogger needs to see you log in with its own beady little eyes. Or something.

  2. Anonymous12:28 PM

    It hates me something rotten too.

    I've been attempting commenting here, there, and everywhere for what feels like years.

    Happy late birthday to that manfolk btw!


  3. Holy flying pigs, Batman! Pardon the Egg Salad is decorated for Christmas! Woo-Hoo!

  4. Blogger Beta can BITE MY BUTT.

    Was that enough B's for you? ;)

    Awards! Hoorah! I would one day like to win an award... although not for parenting because um, that would just be a bit weird. Sigh. I suppose you have to be a parent to win a parenting blog award? TYPICAL.