Tuesday, December 12, 2006

"Tis the Season to Be Scared Witless"

Scared of Santa photo gallery

(link filched from CarolBrowne.com)

If it's wrong to love this, I don't want to be right.

A Call to Action

I searched for a link to a gallery of comically ugly Christmas sweaters and could not find one to share. So, if you have a link to one, please let me know. Even better, if you own a comically ugly Christmas sweater, please take a photo and email it to me (velocibadgergirl at hotmail dot com) so I can start a gallery. Tell all your fugly-sweatered friends, too!

This really has nothing whatsoever to do with Christmas.

(nicked from Bathtub Adventurer)

What horrible Edward Gorey Death will you die?

You will be sucked dry by a leech. I'd stay away from swimming holes, and stick to good old cement.
Even if it does hurt like hell when your toe scrapes the bottom.

Take this quiz!


          Hollywood Flakes

          Emotional Toothpaste

          Eats Bugs

Reading: Fragile Things by Neil Gaiman. Lunch breaks have been short for the past week or so.

Playing: KJ's Christmas mix CD


  1. *giggles*

    I liked this one.

    So I did it.

    I am George.

    You will be smothered under a rug. You're a little anti-social, and may want to start gaining new social skills by making prank phone calls.

    *snorts some more*

  2. Anonymous8:38 PM

    Hi! That scared-of-santa thing is a crack up - I had to stick it on my blog too :)