Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Things That Are Good

1. C's wedding was fabulous and quite a bit of fun was had by all. My bridesmaid's dress fit and I got to have pretty hair.

2. Today is BoMB's birthday. Happy Birthday! :D

3. Jenn at Breed 'em and Weep won a 2006 Weblog Award for Best Parenting Blog, despite some trashtalking and namecalling. Give her a read if you never have, because it was a deserved win.

4. Found four shirts at the Salvation Army today. Hooray!

Things That Are Done

1. Christmas cookies are made, courtesy of a day of baking at Danger's house. Yum.

We used my grandma's recipe to make date & nut skillet cookies. They were SO much easier than I thought they'd be to make.

Toll House cookies with Danger's alterations. Super tasty.

Yum and more yum.

2. Nearly all the presents are bought and wrapped. Now I just have to hope that Kitters stays out of them until Christmas.

3. Went to see Eragon with Mom, Little Sis, Danger, and Danger's husband. It was better than the reviews said it would be. It wasn't awesome, but it was pretty good. They left a lot of stuff out, which is inevitable when a somewhat long book gets condensed into two hours of screen time. There didn't seem to be any gratuitous additions of plot elements, which was nice. The dragon effects were pretty cool, and the guy they cast as Murtagh is completely crushworthy:

Things That Must Still Be Done

1. Christmas cards addressed, signed, stamped, and sent. Oy.  Done, as of 12:16 AM. WOOT.

2. 12 beaded ornaments assembled by the 27th, not yet started.

3. Apartment thoroughly cleaned before the 27th, when our closest friends will descend for our annual Thanksmas Eve holiday party.



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  1. Evilducky773:54 PM

    The spray bottle sitting next to the presents in that picture wouldn't have anything to do with Mr Kitters, would it? hehe

  2. Anonymous4:41 PM

    I want your cookies. And Thanksmas Eve. That always slays me.

    I wanna know how I never told you about his mom in Walhell. That must've been...hmmm...September? It was FAB. She was directly behind him in the returns line. 2 inches from him as he talked to the returns person. Could see and hear him. And nada.

    He, of course, saw her too, but at that point was so stunned he just bolted. It's pretty obvious when you see the back of your kid's head and hear his voice in front of you. But she was with some friend so snubbed my husband in case, what? He said something realistic to her?

    She's a hosebeast. And a half. But we knew that.

  3. OMFG.

    That's just...so...fucked up.

    Once again, HOW did he turn out so normal and kickass??

  4. Anonymous7:36 AM

    We both loved the book, my husband loved the movie too (I think he's really just in love with saphira) but I couldn't get over how many cheesey lines there were?!