Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Sorry, Tom

VBG: *shuffles her top 8 MySpace friends to accomodate the addition of Danger*

MB: *looks up from where he sits nearby, having a late night snack* Wait, I'm not in your top 8 anymore?

VBG: You're never online. You've never even put a picture up.

MB: I don't get to be in your top 8?

VBG: Let's do a little experiment. *clicks through to MB's MySpace page* Look at this! "Last login: 9/1/06." September 2006!

MB: But...I should be in your top 8.

VBG: Fine. FINE.

MB: No,'s okay.

VBG: If it means that much to you, you can be in my top 8.

MB: I don't need to be in the top 8, just put me in front of Tom. I have to at least be ahead of Tom.

Beware the penguins.

It's been nearly three weeks since MB pimped my ride and unveiled this new layout for my blog, and I still really, really love it. I love how he took the elements of my old template that I liked and made them a little more personalized without going overboard. And most of all I love that after I thought but did not say "I think we should try doing something with the egg picture for the banner," he called me in to see what he'd come up with for the banner. Crazy, huh? Anyhow, from the beginning, I've wanted to make it clear that the new look has nothing to do with mad skillz on my part and everything to do with being a victim of circumstance. Specifically, the circumstance of MB meeting up with a very friendly penguin and feeling inspired.

Thanks, penguin!

Reading: Plum Lovin'  by Janet Evanovich

Playing: Sam's Town by The Killers (sound warning)

"Wacky Web Site" of the day: Fun With Grapes: A Case Study I was disappointed that only one experiment was documented, but I still have to give props to any site with this as a thesis statement: "Ordinary grapes, when properly prepared and microwaved, spark impressively in an extremely entertaining manner."


  1. you could try top 12 instead of 8, so you can have MB in there. sure he never uses it, and doesn't even have a headline, let alone a picture, but you married him so you must think he's top 8 material.