Thursday, January 04, 2007


an attempt to hold myself accountable by posting about my sad exercise habits

January 2 MTV Yoga

January 4 MTV Yoga

January 6 NYC Ballet Workout (It was disgraceful. I am the worst ballerina EVER. Also, my abs say OUCHIE!)

January 12 The Joy of Yoga--I never should've taken 6 days off, because even downward-facing dog hurt. I didn't really mean to skip 6 days, but a combination of lameassness and extenuating circumstances did me in. Oh, well...back in the saddle! I don't think I've ever actually done this workout, even though I've had the DVD for years. It was really slow starting out, but as soon as the warmup was done and the downward dog splits were busted out, I was happy. (Tip: never EVER do a Google search for "dog split" and click on anything that isn't explicitly about yoga. Trust me on this.) This routine was less of a workout and more of a flexibility exercise, but I did like it a lot.

January 15 The Joy of Yoga

January 16 The Joy of Yoga

January 19 Fat Burning Yoga

February 17 MTV Yoga (Finally back in the game, nearly a month later. How embarrassing.)

February 27 MTV Power Yoga OMG. That was an ass-kicking. (Random side note: adorable stick figure yoga note cards)

March 1 No yoga, but 30 minutes on the exercise bike instead. Yay, cardio! Yay for my attention span not giving out halfway through like it usually does!

March 9 MB and I went around the loop at Asylum Park twice. Next time we go, we're going to take the GPS and get a measurement of how long the loop is in miles.

March 11 Today MB and I went on a 1.5 mile hike. Man, am I out of shape. :P

March 30 I did both 10 minute cardio hip hop workouts from this DVD. It was fun, but it was aerobics and ab work, not dance. Oh, well...still kicked my butt!

April 1 MTV Pilates It was hard, but not as hard as I feared. I'm sure I'll feel it tomorrow, but I'm pleased that I could do almost all of the moves without too much trouble.

April 6 I kidsat a 4-year-old and a 2 1/2-year-old tonight, and we ended up playing tag at a nearby ballfield for about 40 minutes after the boys ate dinner. If that's not a workout, I don't know what is :P

April 8 MTV Pilates

April 10 MTV Pilates

April 12 Crunch Fat Burning Dance Party This DVD proved two things without a doubt. One, I am still very out of shape. Two, I am deeply, deeply caucasian. Ironically, I did the best during the "Party Funk" section and the worst during the "Retro Dance" disco-inspired section. Go figure.

April 17 MB and I did 3 loops at Asylum Park, which the GPS tells us is 3.58 km / 2.22 miles total. Yay!

April 20 Danger and I canoed 15 miles on the Blue River. It was AWESOME.

May 5 We hiked 4 miles on our camping trip.

May 6 Our two cave tours added up to about 1 1/3 mile.

June 11 Wow, this is embarrassing. Um. Yeah. Anyway, MB and I spent an hour hiking the cross-country trails in the woods on my sister's (and my former) college campus tonight.

June 28 Joy of Yoga. I need to hang onto how good it feels to do this so I will be more motivated to do it more often. Every time I do yoga after a long break, I think to myself, "Holy crap! Why am I not doing this every day?" Good question, self. Work on that.

June 29 canoed on a lake for about 1 1/2 hours with MB

June 30 canoed again for about 1 1/2 hours

July 3 Joy of Yoga

July 18 MTV Pilates

January 2008  After an embarrassingly long time away, I have returned. I signed up for a six-week Pilates class, and so far have rocked two classes. There's a rumor the first class may be followed by an eight-week intermediate class, too. Bring it!

March 9  The eight-week intermediate class starts on Tuesday, and I'm already signed up! Yay!


  1. Anonymous8:13 AM

    You could never be someone's bitch.

    Tell me if you like any of these a lot because once we move..I'm going to get videos for home...

    Right now I'm pretty sure my downstairs neighbors don't want to hear my almost 300lb as...square dancing around my living room.

  2. I really like both of the MTV Yoga DVDs. I like the instructor, the pacing, the poses, the music...basically all of it. There are a few poses in each workout that I find really difficult, but I think it's just that I don't bend / balance right for them, not that they're impossible.

    There's a ramping-up between the regular one (red) and the Power Yoga (blue), but it's not extreme. I'd recommend starting with the red one, and then--if you like it--trying the blue one when you feel like the red one has gotten pretty easy. Then you can always go back to the red one on lazy days ;)

  3. Ballerina's laugh in my general direction since I'm as graceful as a plane crash.

  4. I'm surprised MB didn't laugh at me. I've never done ballet before, so when they were all "Random French term that we won't explain! Now, Random French term, double time!" I was like, "SHIT!" and just started doing swirly things with my arms and pointing my toes a lot. I probably looked like a backup dancer in an amateur stage musical.

  5. Aww man. Now I feel really guilty cuz I haven't touched my MTV yoga DVD's in probably... a year? year and a half?

    Remember when we used to do Yoga together a couple times a week. That was cool. That's probably the best at keeping with yoga that I've been, ever. Hmmm.. maybe I'll try this accountability thing.