Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Blast off

Even though I'm really sick of coming up with things about me, I saw this meme on i heart heather and had to thieve it.

Ten things I WISH I could say to ten different people:

1. You gave me the greatest gift of all when you gave me up. Thank you. I hope you are happy.
2. I really would follow you into the dark.
3. I am so proud of you that it sometimes feel like my heart is going to burst.
4. It's because of both of you that I turned out. Thanks for putting up with me.
5. I am immensely fond of you, but sometimes you are so. damn. weird.
6. I am so glad we met. Who knew it would define so much of my life (and maybe yours?), even 20 years later?
7. I wish, for you, strength and happiness.
8. I wish, for you, peace and support.
9. I wish, for you, an easier path.
10. Dude. Lay off the cologne. Seriously.

Nine things about me:
You know what? Screw it. Instead, here are nine movies that I could watch over and over (and quote from incessantly):

1. Grosse Pointe Blank
2. The Princess Bride
3. O Brother, Where Art Thou?
4. The 13th Warrior
5. the first Pirates of the Caribbean
6. the Kevin Costner Robin Hood
7. Willow
8. Tombstone
9. The Usual Suspects

Eight ways to win my heart:

1. Appreciate my sense of humor
2. Have your own sense of humor
3. Be kind to animals
4. Be kind to kids
5. Respect everyone (or at least everyone who has not proven that they are undeserving of respect)
6. Act right
7. Tell a good joke, especially if it's sort of dirty
8. Roll with the punches

Seven things that cross my mind a lot:

1. Damn, I'm hungry again.
2. I'd better write that down, or I'll forget to do it.
3. Hmmm...this might make a funny blog entry.
4. I have to pee.
5. What is WRONG with people?
6. What am I forgetting?
7. I wonder if...

Six things I wish I never did

1. Got too wrapped up in boys who didn't really deserve my attention
2. Failed to stand up for myself
3. Let the bullies bring me down
4. Been less than a good friend to him
5. Settled for that unfamiliar kayak
6. Stomped on those slugs when I was a kid (still feel guilty)

Five turn offs:

1. Heavy cologne / perfume
2. Pretentiousness
3. Imparting information as truth without first checking the facts
4. Mean-spirited behavior
5. Being closed-minded

Four turn ons:

1. Being passionate about something that matters
2. Quiet confidence
3. Intelligence
4. A touch of mystery

Three smiles that describe my life:

I have no idea what this one means. i heart heather's friend Heather Anne thought at first that it might mean "similes." I decided to go with that, and asked MB for help.

VBG:  What are three similes that describe my life?

MB:  What?

VBG:  You know, similes.

MB:  Those are like metaphors, right?

VBG:  Right, but they use 'like' or 'as.' You know, "Kitters is to a marshmallow as..."

MB:  ...

VBG:  ...

MB:  ...

VBG:  You know, I'll just write down this conversation instead.

Two things I want to do before I die:

1. Raise happy, healthy children
2. Travel to the UK (and maybe New Zealand, Europe, and the Mayan and Incan ruins) with MB

One confession:

Sometimes I worry that this life is too good to last. (But then I realize that there's no way to ruin it faster than to spend it worrying what's just around the bend.)

I'm not tagging anyone. Take it if you want it!


  1. I love you so freaking much it makes me hurt inside.

  2. What she said. With a side of bagels. On the side. ;)

    What a fabulous meme. Really.

  3. Dude, number three, you're funny! Maybe I'll steal this one instead of the seven things... well see. Similes though -- the "kitters is to" thing is more like an analogy - and a technical, logic-type one at that. (Though I think an analogy might also be a type of metaphor.) Anyway, a simile is more like: Kitters is like a marshmallow. Or Kitters is as tasty as a marshmallow. (As opposed to a more direct metaphor: Kitters is a marshmallow (of a cat).)
    That question is probably thinking Forrest Gump-ily: Life is like a box of chocolates.... I like your answer better.

  4. I love this. Well, to be more clear, I love your answers. I have had your site bookmarked for months and months, and as I wander the web, and sometimes don't have time or energy to wander the web, I lost track of your site. It was still bookmarked, and you commented on my best friend's site ( so here I am again.

    Also? You take lovely pictures!

    Thank you for writing. I'm enjoying it. Having read your 100, I must say - I don't own a blowdryer or make-up either! It's hard to find someone of this ilk. Glad to read you.

  5. p.s. if you happen to look at my profile, my site is the flying mobulas, not the fujimo one. that one is a site built by some of my college compatriots, from years back. just saying.

  6. Hi, Anne! Welcome back, and thanks for confirming my suspicions that I'm not the only blowdryer-deficient and makeup-less chica around!