Sunday, November 25, 2007

Rainy days and...Sundays?

Many thanks to the lovely and hilarious kittyb, who carried out her guest posting duties with style yesterday!

Today was a pretty fabulous Sunday, except for the fact that it rained all day. MB and I went over to my parents' house around noon to show my dad the new car, and then my sister and I cleaned out my beloved Oldsmobile. I have to take her to the dealership tomorrow and surrender her as a trade-in (the Oldsmobile, not my sister). Once we were finished, I took a few pictures to remember her by:

Mom, Little Sis, and I went to see Enchanted, which was pretty good, and definitely a Disney Princess movie I could sit through more than once if I ever end up with Princess-crazy daughters. Amy Adams is just about the most adorable thing ever as Princess-to-be Giselle. After the movie, Sis and I put up the Christmas tree. It's the same tree my parents have had since before I was born, and even though it's a little bedraggled these days, we still love it.

I'm looking forward to putting up my little tree. I love the Christmas season, and get all Whoville over the decorations.

Anyway, happy Sunday, everyone! Here are pictures of my parents' muddy puppies and my pretty car:

Reading:  Silver on the Tree by Susan Cooper

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  1. could she have gotten muddier if she'd been trying? she must be kin to amigo. why sleep in a dry dog house full of straw when there's a cold muddy puddle where the hole he dug to lay in all summer used to be? now i know it wouldn't be any less silly looking if he weren't white under all that mud.